The Renegade Wine Company – Can Can wine in a can, a ZA Confidential podcast…

The Renegade Company Can Can Wines

Before lockdown, the tasting panel was surprised when I brought in two wines from the Renegade Wine Company, packaged in two very pretty cans.

We recorded this podcast in happier days and hope it will soon be possible for us all to again go out and buy the wines about which we have spoken recently

A toast to the Can

I introduced the White and a Rosé from Can Can, and the reaction was a tad mixed, but on balance it was thought that the packaging was pretty irrelevant, and that the wine was up to standard.

Our panel at this recording was host John Fraser of ZA Confidential, Malcolm MacDonald from Clientele who always handles [so professionally] the technical side of our recordings. We had well known analyst [& TV Star] Chris Gilmour and South Africa’s Branding Guru Jeremy Sampson. All great wine lovers…

Listen in here to our podcast. Click the arrow on the left.

Read more about Renegade Wines, click HERE.

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