The Hartenberg Riesling 2017, a ZA Confidential Podcast…

The Hartenberg Riesling 2017

Jancis Robinson, the celebrated British Wine Writer, in her book Jancis Robinson’s Wine Tasting Workbook, talks of Riesling as ‘the greatest white wine grape.”

Unfortunately, South Africans for years were drinking what they thought was Riesling but was in fact a minor French grape called Crouchen Blanc. True Riesling had to be called Weisser Riesling or Rhine Riesling. A compromise was made that Crouchen Blanc could be called Cape Riesling – bad compromise in my opinion.

Carl Schultz, Hartenberg’s much awarded Wine Maker doing a bit of molesnake wrangling

Fortunately, we are blessed with excellent Riesling now and The Hartenberg Riesling 2017 is one of them. I was fortunate to be able to present this wine to our ZA Confidential Tasting Team. John Fraser, presenter of ZA Confidential and I were joined by Jeff Osborne, CEO of Gumtree Auto, Economist Mike Schussler and Economics and Finance writer and TV Star Chris Gilmour. We were fortunate to have Malcolm MacDonald; an IT guru help us with the technical side of the recording.

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