The Fraser’s Folly Hoppy Lager is brewed by Fraser Crighton in Struisbaai to use Fresh & Juicy Modern Hop Varieties, layered on top of a Crisp & Refreshing Lager Beer….

Fraser’s folly Hoppy Lager by Fraser Crighton

We are fortunate to have really talented Brewers in our midst. Well, this one is not truly in our midst as he brews his beer on the Black Oyster Catcher Wine Estate in the deep South in Struisbaai, close to the Southernmost tip of the African Continent.

Fraser in his Brewery

Fraser studied wine making at Plumpton College in the Lewes in East Sussex in England. The only college that offers undergraduate degrees in wine business and production in English. After years of fun practicing with his home brewing kit there. And even more years of tasting fantastic craft beer from around the world. That’s how Fraser’s Folly Brewing Company was born, with Fraser Crighton as the brew master. Fraser landed up in Struisbaai where he brewed beer for 6 years. Dirk Human of Black Oystercatcher Wines was a Fraser’s Folly fan. He had always loved Fraser’s Folly craft beer. And he had big plans for the wine farm as a destination. 4 years ago, Dirk bought Fraser’s Folly Brewing Company. Fraser stayed on as the brew master and the face of the beer. In turn, he as a brand new Brewhouse, with awesome new equipment, now based at the Black Oystercatcher Wine Farm. And the chance to make even more great quality small batch beer for the discerning beer drinker.

A bowl full of hops

From a can which is beautifully decorated with the lush logo. Taken from the fridge, it immediately appeals with the tiny drops of moisture which gather all over the tin. Once poured, it is a pale amber in colour. The aromas start the minute you lift the glass to your nose. For me, passion fruit was the first whiff I got and then followed by a tsunami of lemon, sweet tropical limes and grapefruit skin oil. These aromas repeat on the palate, which is vibrant from the bubbles, though not gassy. The locally grown Southern Passion hops, offer their passion fruit and tropical fruit flavours.

Hot Dalewood Fromage Feta with Honey, Thyme & Black Pepper

The Fraser’s Folly Hoppy Lager is a beer that you can really drink at any time, from midmorning through to the last glass of the evening. So delicate and fruity it is that you could happily take it through a meal and out the other side. I think you want to drink it with something not too fully flavoured, so that the beer can shine and support the food. And perhaps a platter of snacks of different kinds would be the best answer. Chicken or fish off the braai with a citrus marinade would also be a great idea. As a snack my Hot Dalewood Fromage Feta with Honey, Thyme & Black Pepper would be perfect with a crisp baguette off which to eat it. Click HERE for my recipe.

Fraser Crighton [left] with Dirk Human

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