Tetley’s Flavoured Green Teas in Lemon, Mint and Apple, a big hit…..

Tetley Flavoured Green Teas

I have always been a huge tea fan, infusions as well and love the different flavours that can come with the gentler green tea. Black tea leaves are allowed to oxidise during the post-harvest processing. Green tea is made from tea leaves that are simply steamed and dried soon after harvest.

Black tea leaves, oxidised during the process

Tetley Pure Green Teas, a premium product, are infused by Tetley’s Master Blender Jonathan Kelsey. I don’t know if you have ever seen a tea tasting, but it is an interesting experience, little white cups all lined up and the blender goes through them, taking a mouthful, pulling some air through it, spitting and moving on to the next while the memory of the previous still lingers. I have always admired the technique, so different from wine and spirits tastings.

Green tea leaves, steamed and dried

Even handedly priced, the Tetley range of green teas are available in 3 flavours, Lemon, Mint and Apple. Three perfect flavours for different times. Lemon is the early morning perker upper, while you are in the kitchen pre breakfast getting into the day. I prefer the Mint as a digestif, it’s cool and ‘sweet’ sensation settles you down for the afternoon or evening. Loving anything Apple, so its ‘juicy ripe apples’ whiffs and the fresh flavour of a freshly picked apple is pleasing anytime of the day.

Dianne Bibby’s Green Tea Apple Muffins

Dianne Bibby of Bibby’s Kitchen, will always find a clever way to use almost any ingredient. I love her Green Tea Apple Muffins she makes with Tetley’s Apple Flavoured Green Tea. Click here for her recipe.

Tetley’s Green Teas are available in 20 bag boxes at your favourite grocery store.A Portmeirion Botanical Blue Tea Pot


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