Tamaletjies – Almond Pralines

Pinenut & almond tamaletjies

Pinenut & almond tamaletjies

The Cape is covered in stone pine trees, the cones of which deliver what as children we used to call “donnepits”. Pinenuts are ‘dennepitte’ in Afrikaans.  Quite often in season you’ll see children with two flat rocks sitting underneath the trees bashing open the hard covers of the pine nuts and eating the sweet fat nutmeats inside.  The Cape Malay woman use them with almonds to make sweets which they used to wrap in little squares of greaseproof paper called “kadoesies”.  A “kadoesie” is a little paper bag.  When pine-nuts were not available, soaked dried peas were used instead.

You’ll need: 250ml water, 2cm piece of fresh ginger, or two pieces if dried ginger, 500g white sugar, 100g pine nuts, 50g finely chopped almonds, lemon blossoms, orange blossom water, greaseproof paper cut into squares.

Method: Bring the water to the boil and pour over the ginger and allow to infuse for a while.  In a frying pan bring the water and sugar slowly to the boil stirring to dissolve the sugar before the water boils.  When the sugar mixture begins to caramelise, add the nuts and blossoms and continue cooking until a rich golden caramel.  Stir in the orange flower water and spoon in little spoonfuls onto a non stick baking sheet.  Or simply pour onto the sheet and break it up into little bits when it is cold.  When set and cold, wrap in the “kadoesies”.

Serves 6

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