Summer books for Cooks, Nigella, Tracy, Sabrina and Tammy…

Nigella Lawson’s Cook, eat, repeat

I first came cross Nigella Lawson when I was doing a consultation on a wine estate in Margaret River, Western Australia. My host, a bachelor, was no cook, yet he just loved Nigella. What I like about her was her brain, her ability with language and her amazing food talents. A couple of years later, I met her father, when he dined at our restaurant, Nigel Lawson, The Lord Lawson of Blaby, who was a Chancellor of The Exchequer in Margaret Thatcher’s Government. I said to him, that I have a confession to make, that I was in love with his daughter. He said, “Dear boy, you are not alone!”

I am a huge admirer of Nigella Lawson. This, her twelfth book, is the best so far. Actually, I think I have said this since the arrival of number 2. I love the way she writes recipes. Quite long and descriptive, no doubt about the result. Follow Nigella [who wouldn’t] and the result will be perfect ever time. The dishes are full and hearty. There is no pattern in the book and you are as likely to find a Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake next to a Spice Studded  Rice with crisp shallots, garlic and cashew nuts.

It really is a fabulous book and will go onto our creaking kitchen bookshelf.

Cook, eat repeat by Nigella Lawson is published by Vintage, an imprint of Penguin Random House.

Simply by Sabrina Ghayour, Easy everyday dishes

Of which Nigella Lawson says, “…food is all flavour, no fuss and makes me very, very happy.” Two things that got me about the book immediately were Kris Kirkham’s fabulous photography, the food you can smell and it fair jumps off the page at you and the unusualness of the dishes. Very Middle Easter and particularly Iranian, which she calls Persian. I dived in immediately and was blown back by the flavours. Where Sabrina [or Simply Sabrina, as she calls herself] has travelled and come across products outside of the Middle East, she has used them. She is also not fussy about if you are not able to find a product, leave it out.

This is a book that starts off at your chair side table in the living room to be read and understood and then taken to the kitchen and takes you to heaven. A lovely gift for you foodie friends. A lovely gift for yourself if you want to expand your repertoire.

Simply by Sabrina Ghayour is published by

The Great Thermo Meal Prep Cookbook by Tracey Pattison

This fine book filled with the most fabulous collection of recipes, excellent stuff. Well researched. The photography by Cath Muscat is excellent. I love photographs that invite you in to make the dish, gets the juices running.

However. The book is about food from a Thermo Device. In South Africa, they cost R26,000.00. Yup twenty six thousand rand. So the audience would be very limited. Great gift for someone who has one.

The Great Thermo meal Prep Book by Tracey Pattison is published by Murdochbooks co au

Made with LOVE & PLANTS by Tammy Fry

There can hardly be a vegetarian in town who has not heard of the well known The Fry Family Food Company founded by Wally and Debbie Fry – plant-based foods found all over the world. Tammy is a Director of Meat Free Mondays in South Africa. She is also a Fifth Dan Karateka in South Africa and all manner of other achievements. The book is divided into sections called, Breakfasts, Light Meals & Sharing Plates, Family Dinners, Plants on Fire, Batch Books, Love your Gut, Dairy Alternatives, Treats and Made with Love.

There is also a section on fermenting – a huge current rage with plant based eaters.

One thing I like about this book, even though I love. Lamb chop every now and then, is that there are a number of recipes that I will use in future as we cut down on the amount of meat we eat.

Made with LOVE and PLANTS by Tammy Fry is published by penguin randomhouse co za


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