Summer Books for Cooks, a Braai Man, a Pie Man and a Cook…

Summer Books for Cooks, A Braai Man

On the front cover of Jan Braai’s new book, the is described by Food & Home Entertaining as our ‘most loved flame maestro.’ He is just so much more than this. In Japan he would be declared a Living National Treasure. I have known this amazingly energetic man for some time and always come away filled with his enthusiasm.

The Braaibroodjies and Burgers are ubiquitous Braai ingredients. Many pictures of own recipe braaibroodjies appear on Social Media, and this, to my knowledge, is the first of its kind actually giving recipes. Recipes for combinations often thought of many never thought of and each and every one of them utterly delicious. Excellent photography by Guillaume Bosch and Matthys van Lill.

Jan Braai with Marlene van der Westhuizen and me

The second half of the book is devoted to Burgers, a hugely popular food in South Africa. Again, all the expected recipes and some very new and exciting one.

This is a book that will become part of our kitchen shelf and will be regularly used.

Braaibroodjies and burgers, by Jan Braai is published by Bookstorm.

Summer Books for Cooks, A Pie Man

Calum Franklin is hugely respected in Britain, so much so that Jamie Oliver, on the front cover says, “Calum is the Pie King.” Calum discovered a fabulous collection of original pie moulds in the Rosewood Hotel in London which lit a fire in him, and The Pie Room was born and flew to fame. The book is filled with very atmospheric photography by John Carey. Excellent introduction on Tools and Techniques and then a chapter on the different types of dough, the book wander through Vegetable, Fish & Shellfish, meat & Poultry.

Calum Franklin & Trifle

Grand Party pieces, puddings, side dishes and accompaniments, sauces and basics. There is the most fabulous Beef Wellington and then all manner of pasties, Tatins, quiches, phyllo pies, Scotch Eggs, Cobblers and Vol-u Vents. They are all there. Lovely book. Good one for a gift.

The Pie Room is published by Bloomsbury Absolute an imprint of Bloomsbury.

Summer Books for Cooks, And a Cook

I have always viewed James May as a mildly interesting person. On the Top Gear TV Show, he always appeared a bit of a geek. His engineering show was of minor interest to me as I am not mechanically minded. How different though is this fabulous little book. I watched a couple of the programmes online to get an idea of what the book is about. James has a lovely lady called Nikki who is hidden in a cupboard off the corner of the kitchen who pops out bearing ingredients and come to help him along. He says right in the beginning that he I not a cook. However, his mechanical brain comes to the fore to work on the recipes.

Cauliflower Cheese x 2

The recipes are the sort of comfort food that so many of us enjoy. Bit of Indian [recipe from the Raj], outside cooking [braai to us], an excellent piece called Store Cupboard Saviours. Oh Cook! By James May, 60 easy recipes that any idiot can make, is a bunch of fun, and certainly one that I would use.

Oh Cook! By James May, 60 easy recipes that any idiot can make is published by Pavilion Books.


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