Springfontein Single Vineyard Pinotage “Jonathan’s Ridge” 2016, prefect partner to Dianne Bibby’s Saffron Risotto Stuffed Tomatoes…

Springfontein Single Vineyard Pinotage “Jonathan’s Ridge” 2016

The Springfontein Wine Estate is situated near Stanford, close to the sea in the Walker Bay Wine Appellation. Here the vineyards are constantly exposed to strong and cool breezes from the Atlantic Ocean. The calcareous soil is very shallow, and the vine roots literally grow into limestone rocks.

Small bunches with small berries, imitating its Pinot Noir parent

These extreme conditions result in Pinotage bunches and berries that are nearly half the size of regular ones. The grapes were selected and harvested by hand and left in a cooling room at 5°C overnight. After destemming, whole berries were cold soaked for 6 days before the spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeast species started. Fermentation was controlled at low temperatures to allow for longer skin maceration and extract finer tannins. Malolactic fermentation was completed in barriques, followed by maturation for 17 months in French, American and Hungarian oak (60% 1st and 40% 2nd fill). The wine is then prepared for bottling.

Johst Weber CEO and Tariro Masayiti, Wine Maker with Dr Hildegard Witbooi, Vineyardist

This family-owned Estate is blessed to have Tariro Masayiti, a former Zimbabwean, as its Wine Maker. Dr Hildegard Witbooi, a horticulturist and vineyardist, looks after the vineyards and handles marketing for the Wines. She is married to Tariro.

Due to natural fermentation, this wine has a more intense and more complex aroma profile. The wine is rich, full bodied with attractive dark red fruit, subtle oak spice, and sweet nuances of caramel and vanilla.

Dr Witbooi applying crushed Abalone Shell as Compost

Pour from a Bordeaux shaped bottle, closed with natural cork. The label is simple and tells the story well. In the glass, the wine is a dark bloodplum colour at the heart which pales out on the edges to the colour of bloodplum juice on a white plate. The aromas, which segue on to the palate, are intense as a result of hardships in the vineyards, layers of black berries and cherries with country lane fruits like mulberries and roadside brambles. Quite overwhelming from entry right through the rich, generous and soft mid palate and well into the long aftertaste. The wine is just a brilliant expression of Pinotage, made to be drunk and enjoyed. It is eminently drinkable now, though you will be rewarded after a couple of years of cool cellaring. I was truly impressed by this fine wine.

Dianne Bibby’s Saffron Risotto Stuffed Tomatoes

The Springfontein Single Vineyard Pinotage “Jonathan’s Ridge” 2016 is really good as a glass on its own for quiet contemplation. Also good as a glass around a braai while waiting for the coals to reach the right temperature. Great with the stuff off the braai as well. And will do your dinner table proud. While good with anything from a Boerewors Roll to a jolly good Burger. As a lunch dish, outside on the patio, Dianne Bibby’s Saffron Risotto Stuffed Tomatoes is a perfect foil to the wine. We have been lucky getting some superb heritage tomatoes recently, so sweet and tasty and thin skinned. Click HERE for Dianne’s recipe. This recipe will go well with both wines as the Chenin Blanc certainly has enough oomph…

Dianne Bibby, Johannesburg food friend, writer, recipe developer, & photographer

Springfontein Single Vineyard Chenin Blanc “Jil’s Dune” 2016

Another wine that we found so exciting is this oaked Chenin Blanc. Wonderful layers of fruit, that lovely bitterness of grapefruit, desiccated pineapple, Granny Smith Apple with that superb support from the oak with its sweet brown spices and vanilla bean. The aftertaste is rich and minerally like the little smooth river stones we used to suck as children.

Read more about Springfontein Wine Estate and its offerings – CLICK HERE

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