Springfield Estate, a jewel in the crown of the beautiful Robertson Wine Appellation

Springfield Estate – view from the Tasting Room deck

Springfield Estate in the beautiful Robertson Wine Appellation, is a jewel in the crown of of that wine region.

We visited there recently and had a tasting of the fabulous range of wines.

What a place! What wines!

Abrie Bruwer & Jeanette Bruwer of Springfield Estate

The Springfield Estate is run and managed by brother and sister Abrie Bruwer and Jeanette Bruwer. He is the winemaker, creator of sublime wines, while she travels around the country, and indeed the world, showing their wines at wine shows and private tastings, and is responsible for sales and marketing.

Springfield Winery

The winery reminds me of a place tucked away in the hills of Tuscany or Provincial France, stone building filled with character.

The Springfield Estate Bottle Maturation Cellar

The Winery has a vast cellar for maturing its wines once bottled. And a very impressive barrel cellar.

The Springfield Estate Barrel Cellar

The Springfield Estate Vineyards in spring time

To choose a favourite wine from Springfield is like asking a father to choose his favourite child. Here are two of my favourites. There are many more, each as exciting as the former.

Springfield Miss Lucy 2016

Jeanette and Abrie are great fishermen, so it is only appropriate that at least one of their wines is named Miss Lucy for a fish, the Red Stumpnose, which has 7 nicknames amongst the fishermen of the Cape. The blend for the 2016 vintage which is made up of 38% Sauvignon Blanc; 32% Semillon; 30% Pinot Gris 2016, all Robertson Wine of Origin.

Miss Lucy is one of the seven nicknames given to the Red Stumpnose by the fisherman of the Southern Cape. Created as an ode to the bounty of the sea, Miss Lucy is a carefully considered blend that has been over 10 years in the making. Vines were specifically planted, and in a game of trial and error several were uprooted and other replanted in its place. Prior to Miss Lucy’s eventual release, came a four-year period of experimentation with regards to the blending components and different barrel regimes. The Sauvignon Blanc component was barrel fermented in 2nd fill, and older, 600L barrels for 21 days and then spent 100 days on primary lees, before being prepared for blending of the components and bottling.

From a screw capped Burgundy shaped bottle with the Red Stumpnose on the label. In the glass, a gem bright pale gold in colour. Wonderful whiffs of the scratched skin of a pink grapefruit and sweet tropical limes. Big mouth feel like a ripe green melon. Low in alcohol, crisp and refreshing from entry to end.

Has to be fish of some sort. Anything from a Ceviche, pickled fish, and a delicious pan-fried tranche of a SASSI friendly hake with some rustly double fried potato chips.

Springfield Méthode Ancienne Cabernet Sauvignon 1997

In 1997, Abrie took to a new path towards how Springfield Red Wines are made today.  This was the first time that what is now known as Springfield Méthode Ancienne Cabernet Sauvignon was made using natural vineyard yeast on berries which were crushed before fermentation.
From the 1998 uncrushed berries were used, creating softer tannins and wines which reach maturity earlier.
The 1997 was kept in the Springfield Bottle Maturation Centre for 20 years.  Occasional tasting lead to it being held back and with the Springfield philosophy of not releasing a wine until it is ready for drinking, we now have the great privilege of being able to drink this wine, which we did over the weekend.  What a stunner, amazing to think it was in a quiet dark safe cellar with the same natural cork closure for all this time. I always find it a kind of miracle when you open a wine like this, 20 years old and still pure and fresh and just wonderful.

From a Bordeaux shaped bottle with a classical Springfield livery. Be careful extracting the cork, get the screw right down and remove gently. In the glass, a deep bloodplums at the core which pales out to ruby at the edges.  Just rich, gorgeous, classical mature Cabernet Sauvignon aromas. From entry, sheer bliss. Lovely, mature, soft edged Cabernet, with fabulous dark berries, cherries and plum fruit. The oak is there as a support to the wine and adds its own flavours to the fruit.

This majestic wine needs good meat. I think it would honour the traditional Sunday Roast lunch of a cut of beef which has caramel edges, a boat of real gravy and some crisp rustly roast potatoes. It is also the perfect bottle for post prandial philosophical conversation with friends and family.

Jeanette Bruwer’s utterly delicious curry

We lunched with Jeanette after our tasting. She is a queen of curry. You can see the slices of peach in her peach chutney.

A visit to this special place should be on your bucket list.

Felix, the Anatolian Sheep Dog, who lives in the Springbok Camp on the farm looking after them at night

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