Southern Cross, a launch of a new gin on World Gin Day

The elegantly packaged Southern Cross Gin

Appropriate to choose World Gin Day if you are going to launch a unique small batch gin, inspired by the love of Africa, all things nautical and intrigue for our Southern Cross and travel…

Launched today at the Southernmost tip of Africa Cape Agulhas, formerly known as Cap des Aiguilles – the Cape of Needles. Here it was that the dream began with a sailors knowledge of the Southern Cross passed down from father to son and the love of the two great oceans which met at this tip of the African continent.

Jan Bell & Peter Gottgens launched their gin today

There is a long list of botanicals – African camomile, Blue Mountain Sage, Overberg Buchu, kapokbos [wild Rosemary], Fennel, Coriander, Lemon & orange peel, pepper, clove, cardamom, blue and blackberries, nutmeg, cinnamon, rooibos, sage, angelica root, naartjie, jasmine and Scottish juniper. These botanicals are infused in triple distilled Pinotage Grape spirit, artesian well water and a dollop of sea water from each of the two great oceans.

The result? A soft botanical floral-noted gin, citrus in undertow, aromatic spices. Ideal as a sipper and good with a sympathetic tonic.

Available in limited quantities.

Read more about Southern Cross Gin, website up soon – CLICK HERE


Juniper Berries


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