Some finds of 2021, and their food partners….

Some ‘finds’ of 2021, and food partners….

We are fortunate to be able to taste a large variety of wines. Many of them fly under the radar, some of them are really well known. These are some of my recent finds which we have really enjoyed over the last weeks.Bon Courage Andre’s Fame Colombar 2021

Now this was a happy surprise. A brief trip to the sea and my nephew opened this wine just before lunch. It was a sensation, the right wine at the right time. Vibrant crisp and fresh with an essence of white guava, desiccated pineapple on the nose which segue on to the palate. Brilliant, actually exciting palate. Served with a smoked and roasted trout and salads.

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Spioenkop Riesling 2017 & Spioenkop Pinotage 2019

Koen Roose who makes these magnificent wines, said to me when we first met some years ago, “I am an engineer, not a winemaker.” If this is the case, we need more engineers to turn to winemaking.

Riesling, my most favourite white wine variety, from Spioenkop, is described by British Wine Writer Tim Atkin as “consistently the best in South Africa.” Massive aromas of Granny Smith apples and orange blossom water with an undertow of sweet brown spice is followed by a seamless segue onto the palate, with its bast of brilliant acid line supporting the fruit. The long aftertaste leaves terpenes as retro nasal aromas. I could happily drink this every day.

The Pinotage, from the only Pinotage Vineyard in Elgin, is a sensation. So different, so delicate and shining with the properties of its Pinot Noir parent. The aromas are all about fruit. The black cherries reminded me of bottles, I used to buy from an Italian deli in Long Street in the 1970s. Sweet, concentrated flavours accompanied by red and black berry fruits, black olive tapenade and purple and white flowers. Undertows of wet river stones in a delicate wine. Perhaps more with duck or guinea fowl then steak.

Both utterly spectacular

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Germanier Grenache Noir Rosé 2021

Sophie Germanier produces a range of excellent wine, which are organic. Her Grenache Noir Rosé. Beautiful cherry blossom, coral in colour, in a clear glass bottle with a screwcap. It just looks so refreshing with the dew on the outside of the bottle. The aromas are of strawberries, raspberries and watermelon and an undertow of fynbos herbaceousness. Sappy, crisp palate with the berries and crunchy watermelon, refreshing, and perfect for sipping. The Germanier Grenache Noir Rosé 2021 is also excellent with food like sushi, sashimi or ceviche. Cold hot-smoked salmon with a rich home-made mayonnaise, flavoured with fresh dill leaves.

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Merwida Papenkuils Waterblommetjie Pinot Grigio 2021

Some years ago, well known British Wine Writer, Joe Wadsack said to me about Pinot Grigio, ‘it’s the new Chardonnay.” Meaning this is the wine for which people will now be looking. And we have a great example here. Pale hay in the glass, with green flashes, gembright. The aromas are confirmed by the palate. White aromatic flowers, like frangipane, and elderflower, and orange blossom. The palate is a mélange of citrus fruits, sweet tropical limes, old fashioned Cape lemons, and then white fleshed peaches, and fresh pears. Deliciously delicate of body with a vibrant acid line running into a satisfying aftertaste. I loved this wine. Do look out for the other Merwida Papenkuils Wines, the Kukumakranka Chardonnay, and the Vygie Pinotage Rosé.  7th generation Lieza van der Merwe is part of the Estate’s Winemaking Team. Great sipping wine. Excellent with sourdough bruschetta with cream cheese and smoked salmon trout.

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Buurman en Buurvrou Wines – Spijker Malbec 2019

Malbec really should be on your regular drinking list. Once one of the BIG FIVE of Bordeaux. After bad frosts killed off many of the vines in the 1950s, Cahors now has the honour of having the biggest plantings. In Argentina, it is virtually the national grape. In South Africa, the grape is doing really well and there are over 25 different producers. One of the finest, in my opinion is this one. In the glass, a gembright bloodplum at the heart which pales out towards the edges. The aromas are of juicy fruits, desiccated cherries, and red and black berry fruits. The palate is plush and soft, with ripe tannins. From entry is has a gentle acid and tannin line. Such an eminently drinkable wine by Viticulturist Annelie Viljoen. Perfect with roast duck with a berry sauce.

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Kusafiri Organic Dry Red – 250ml Can

This wine is packed in a 250ml can. So useful for picnics or travelling. And easy to chill, for added pleasure. Klaas Cotezee, the winemaker says,” The secret about this wine is that it is predominantly Pinotage, our own indigenous South African Grape.  This grape ensures an abundance of red fruit in the blend.” The wine is a beautiful ruby red in the glass and gives off aromas, of ripe cherries and other red berries. These are found on the palate in a sappy generous wine with a good ending and an undertow of sweet cherry. Good with Pizza, Pasta, and roast duck or guinea fowl.

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My finds of 2021


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