Sijnn Red 2015, a red blend from Malgas, a ZA Confidential podcast…

Sijnn Red 2015

Sijnn Wines come from a vineyard down in the tiny Malgas Wine Appellation on the Cape South Coast.  Debi van Flymen, a Cape Wine Master, gave the ZA Confidential Team a tutored tasting of this excellent red blend made by Sijnn Winemaker, Charla Haasbroek Bosman in her first vintage on the estate.

Touriga Nacional at perfect ripeness

2015 was an excellent vintage year and also the year that Sijnn used their new cellar for the first time. The blend is made up of French and Portuguese origin grapes, vines growing in the stony soils on the banks of the Breede River. Syrah 47%, Touriga Nacional 19%, Trincadeira 19%, Mourvèdre 8% and Cabernet Sauvignon 7%.

Sijnn Wines Charla Haasbroek doing punch downs

In the studio with us was John Fraser, the ZA Confidential presenter, who keeps the podcast ticking along, Economist Chris Hart, Brand Guru Jeremy Sampson, and IT superstar Malcolm MacDonald who does all the technical stuff for us as well as tasting and commenting.

Listen to the podcast. Turn up your volume and click the arrow on the left.

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