Robertson’s Thunderchild 2016, a ZA Confidential podcast…

Thunderchild 2016

There is a home – Die Herberg – for children in Robertson which was opened in 1918 to look after children who lost parents in the Great Spanish Influenza Epidemic in which hundreds died. Today it is a vibrant home taking care of all children. There is now a 5 hectare noble varieties vineyard in the Die Herberg’s Garden looked after by a group of caring Robertson Wine farmers and Winemakers, the grapes turned into Thunderchild 2016.

A line of Thunderchildren

Today, I present Thunderchild 2016, a Bordeaux style red blend to John Fraser, our host and broadcaster, Duane Newman from Cova Advisory, economist and investment strategist Chris Hart, and Malcolm MacDonald IT Director of Clientéle. Malcolm kindly handles the technical side of the recordings for us.

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