Piekenierskloof Grenache Blanc 2017, perfect with Alida Ryder’s Easy Lemon Butter Baked Fish…

Piekenierskloof Grenache Blanc 2017

Piekenierskloof is a Wine Appellation I don’t know too much about, so it was a pleasant gift to receive some of their wines recently. One thing I do know is that this is a place for old vines, ungrafted bush vines planted on Koffieklip and sandy loam soils. I am amused by Koffieklip as it looks like instant coffee crystals and I came across it in Australia where it is called Coffee Stone. The Grenache vines used for the production of the Piekenierskloof Wine Company’s wines were planted in the 1950s. The vineyard for the Piekenierskloof Grenache Blanc 2017 was planted in 1987. The meticulously farmed vineyard produced only 3 tons per hectare as a result of the worst drought in the Western Cape in living memory.

Grenache Blanc grapes, ripening on the vine

The grapes for the Piekenierskloof Grenache Blanc 2017 were harvested at dawn to retain the aromas and flavours. After destemming, crushing, only the free run juice was used. It was allowed to cool clear settle and then, using a specially selected yeast, cool fermentation took place. The wine was fermented in 3rd fill 500 litre French oak barrels for four months. And was then prepared for bottling by Winemaker and GM Jaco van Niekerk and his team

Piekenierskloof GM & Woninemaker, Jaco van Niekerk

From a Burgundy shaped bottle, closed under natural cork. The label has an etching of a Piekenier, a Pikeman. In the glass, the wine is a pale buttery colour.  The aromas are of soft citrus, windfall oranges, Granny Smith apples and a fynbos herbaceousness. The wine is soft from entry, fresh with a big mid-palate with the oak in perfect support of the fruit. The aftertaste is long, gently waning and satisfying.

Alida Ryder’s Easy Lemon Butter Baked Fish

The Piekenierskloof Grenache Blanc 2017 is a serious sipper, perhaps at sundown or as an aperitif for a meal. Perfect with vegetarian dishes, like an Alsatian Onion Quiche [thank you Elizabeth David] and a perfect match to fish. Alida Ryder’s Easy Lemon Butter Baked Fish is about as perfect a match as you can get. Click HERE for her recipe.

Alida Ryder’s First Cook Book

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