Peter Falke PF Ruby Blend 2015, serious midweek supper match to Ina Paarman’s very Italian Mushroom Meatballs

Peter Falke PF Ruby Blend 2015

Groenvlei Farm, on the Annandale Road in the Stellenbosch Wine Appellation, has the answer to the perfect position for producing fine wines. On the lower slopes of the Helderberg, afternoon sun, cooling breezes off False Bay and, Werner Schrenk, the GM, Winemaker and Vineyardist who keeps the Vineyards in top conditions. So it is with the Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz grapes which share equal part in the Peter Falke PF Ruby Blend 2015.

Peter Falke Barrel Cellar

The 50% Cabernet Sauvignon and 50% Shiraz grapes for the Peter Falke PF Ruby Blend 2015 are hand harvested and this is where the selection of the best grapes starts. Sun burned grapes were left on the vines. Once in the cellar, the bunches were destalked and there was then a final selection removing MOG – material other than grapes, leaves, stems and the occasional raisined berry. Excellent smooth tannins were extracted during fermentation. The wine was then matured in first, second and third fill French oak barrels. Preparation for bottling and the bottling process then took place.

It looks like
Bottled under natural cork in a Bordeaux shaped bottle. The elegant Peter Falke labeling, silver on black, is understated in compliment to the wine. In the glass, the wine is gem bright, deep bloodplum at the core which pales out, aptly, to ruby at the edges.

Outside dining at Peter Falke Winery

It smells like
Classical Cabernet and Shiraz whiffs of dark berries and plums. Oak spice.

It tastes like
A generous mouthful and mouthfeel from entry to the back tastes. And a generous flavour of the fruits, wrapped around the silken tannins and a thread of freshness running through the wine. This wine has the attributes of lasting for another couple of years with good cellaring.

Italian for the win – Ina Paarman’s Mushroom Meatballs

It’s good with
A fine wine like this needs a well-cooked meal. Any form of meat is a good match, particularly if the meat has been cooked on the braai, under the grill or in a pan and has some good caramelised edges, the wine likes that. A good vegetarian main course of grilled aubergine, cooked with concentrated tomato puree, mushrooms and real parmesan cheese, is a wonderful match too. A hearty budget conscious mid-week supper like Ina Paarman’s Mushroom Meatballs is a serious match to the Peter Falke PF Ruby Blend 2015. Click here for her recipe.

National Treasure – Ina Paarman

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