Peter Falke PF Chardonnay 2017, happily partnered with Anina Meyer’s Mushroom & Spinach Cauliflower Pilau…

Peter Falke PF Chardonnay 2017

I always get excited when I taste a Peter Fake Wine. Groenvlei Farm, the home of Peter Falke Wine is up the Annandale Road in the foothills of the Helderberg in the Stellenbosch Wine Appellation. A perfect winemaking situation, where cooling breezes come up from False Bay to ameliorate the summer heat in the vineyards. This allows for a longer hang time before the grapes are perfectly ripe, it means greater flavour in the final wine. The grapes for the Peter Falke PF Chardonnay 2017 are hand harvested in the early morning while still cool. Bunch sorting takes place in the vineyard leaving any sunburnt or rotten berries behind. In the cellar, the bunches are resorted to ensure that only the best grapes go through to the winemaking process. Fermentation takes place in 225 litre third fill French oak barrels, and then followed by up to 12 months of maturation. The wine is then prepared for bottling.

Excellent food offering for visitors to Peter Falke Wines

the Peter Falke PF Chardonnay 2017 from a Burgundy shaped bottle, closed under natural cork. The label is classic Peter Falke with the letters PF in silver foiling. In the glass, it is gem bright and a pale gold straw in colour. The aromas fill the glass – Granny Smith Apple crispness, sweet tropical limes and pink roasted quince. The palate has a golden thread of acidity running through it from entry, through a generous mid palate where the oak and its concomitant spices, vanilla and marzipan supports the generous citrus and stone fruit flavours right into the long and gently waning aftertaste. A truly pleasing glass of wine.

Anina Meyer’s Mushroom & Spinach Cauliflower Pilau

The Peter Falke PF Chardonnay 2017 is not a quaffer, but more of a sipper at sundown or as an aperitif for a meal. I am very very fond of rice, something I inherited from my Dad, who at rice with everything. My mother had to keep a pot of rice in the fridge for him. In the pre-microwave days, he used to heat it in a pan with butter. My best thing still. Anina Meyer’s Mushroom & Spinach Cauliflower Pilau hits the spot for me, and it is a lovely companion to the Wine. Click here for her recipe.

Anina Meyer, Superb Cook, Recipe Developer, Photographer

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