Perdeberg The Vineyard Collection Chenin Blanc MCC 2012, great with Nina Timm’s Smoorsnoek – 11.12.2017

Perdeberg The Vineyard Collection Chenin Blanc MCC 2012

Chenin Blanc is, in my opinion, been unkindly named The Workhorse of the wine industry. This does not make one think kindly of this most planted of wine of the Cape Winelands. When I think of a workhorse, I think of the Percherons on the farm on which I grew up.  Tall elegant French horse.  Chenin Blanc plantings, 6 times that of France, are all through the winelands and the grapes are used for every from sherry style wines, jerepigos, grape juice, light whites, serious wooded whites, sparkling wines and MCC Wine like this delicious Perdeberg The Vineyard Collection Chenin Blanc MCC 2012.

Old Bush Vine producing most of Perdeberg’s Wines

Made in the traditional Champagne style, known as Méthode Cap Classique in South Africa, with a base wine made from early picked Chenin Blanc grapes, which is then second fermented in the bottle and then closed with a natural cork closure and a wire muzzle.

It looks like
Very elegant livery in a traditional Champagne shaped bottle, with its natural cork and wire muzzle, pretty to look at. In the glass, a pale golden straw with green flashes and a myriad of the tiniest bubbles rush headlong to the rim of the glass where they form a crown.

Chenin Blanc grapes taking advantage of early morning sun

It smells like
Granny Smith and green pear, almond bakes.

It tastes like
Wonderfully fresh and fizzy. Crisp zippy green apples and pears. Good citrus, lime and grapefruit.  There is an undertow of minerality and the wine ends with a back taste of fresh baked almond brioche.

Nina Timm’s Smoorsnoek

It’s good with
Don’t wait for a celebration, use this as you would any fine white wine. It is good as a glass on its own as a mid-morning refresher, or at sundown. I really like this wine. It is good with fish and seafood. As perfect with oysters as it is with snoek paté. Coronation Chicken and Smoorsnoek would love it. Nina Timm’s Smoorsnoek is a great partner. Click here for her recipe.

Do visit Perdeberg over the coming weeks, they are offering Tapas picnics and their refreshing Hops & Co beers.

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