Oude Bank, another home for Boschendal Farm in Stellenbosch….

Oude Bank, another home for Boschendal Farm in Stellenbosch

I have said it before, had Pliny lived now, he would have said ‘always something new out of Boschendal.’ Towards the end of last year Boschendal opened its bakery, bistro and farm shop in the heart of Stellenbosch in the old building which originally housed The Stellenbosch District Bank, founded in 1882 – hence its name, Oude Bank [The Old Bank].

Out in Church Street at Oude Bank

Boschendal Farm in Groot Drakenstein is known for its fine restaurants and its sustainably produced food and authentic farm-to-table dining. Now, the Oude Bank brings the Boschendal Farm into the centre of the town of Stellenbosch where it provides locals with wholesome and sustainable produce.

A perfect beef Aberdeen Angus cut

The vibrant café, with its detailed décor, seasonal menus and innovative offerings provides visitors an authentic customer experience. The Boschendal team is passionate about supporting sustainability minded local farmers and producers. This ethos comes through in both the food served and produce sold in the shop. There is on-the-street seating under the legendary Stellenbosch Oaks.

The Boschendal Aberdeen Angus Stud

Also on offer, in addition to its rotational sit-down menus and fresh take-home produce, Boschendal at Oude Bank is the carefully selected 100% grass-fed meat sourced from the Farm’s pasture reared Black Angus Beef.

Jason Caroll with his Aberdeen Angus Cattle

Two team members who play an integral part in ensuring that the shop’s meat fridges are regularly stocked with fresh, vacuum-sealed red meat are Jason Caroll (cattle manager) and Rainer Raschbichler (chef and butcher).

“It’s important for us at the farm to be able to guarantee the natural production of our meats which are all hormone-, antibiotic- and steroid-free,” says Jason. “It’s just as important to us that this ethos is also experienced at Oude Bank.”

Rainer Raschbichler, Boschendal’s ‘Fleischmeister’

Rainer is a fourth generation, artisan butcher who practically grew up in a butchery. Under the guidance of his father, a certified Fleischmeister, Rainer was trained the ‘old school’ way to become a notable butcher. He’s also a trained chef and worked in the kitchen for eight years under Chef Christiaan Campbell before joining Boschendal Farm’s Werf Butchery. It’s safe to say that Rainer knows his way around everything ‘meat’, may it be the different cuts and cooking techniques.

Oude Bank’s Peppered Beef Ham Sandwich

A mere hour’s drive from central Cape Town and in close reach of surrounding towns, Boschendal at Oude Bank, is located on the corner of Bird and Church Streets in Stellenbosch. The shop is open for breakfast and lunch seven days a week.

Boschendal Brut Rosé

For store enquiries, telephone contact 021 870 4287

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For more information visit www.boschendal.com

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