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Bruce Jack, well known winemaker of Flagstone, told me me last week :  “When I first saw Appelsdrift Farm in the mid 1990’s I knew it would be a brilliant vineyard farm. The grapes we grow are brilliant and are currently sold to Flagstone Winery, although my father is making a small amount of wine under “The Drift Farm” label as well – more of that to follow from him in due course if we don’t drink it all at Christmas!

What has surprised us is how well the vegetables and the olive trees grow.

While the farm is beautiful, nestled, as it is, into the granite slopes of the Akkedisberg, it is also windswept and far away. It is an isolated area in which to live and farm. The wind keeps what natural funguses and moulds there are at bay and the isolation means there is no chance of contamination by neighbouring farmers, etc…

The wind, the altitude of the farm and the brilliant sunshine combine to bless us with cool, bright days, even in the middle of summer. These magical combinations of climatic and geographic conditions have ensured we are able to grow extraordinarily delicious, nutritious vegetables.

We have never (going on 10 years now) used any chemical herbicides, pesticides or composts on the vegetable garden or olive trees. Originally the vegetable garden and chicken run was for home use only and exactly the same principles of farming have remained. Primarily because this is a family farm and we want to feed our kids the best, healthiest food possible.

We have applied for Organic Certification as an afterthought really, and should have this in the next few weeks. We had the inspector out to the farm recently and he was blown away by our holistic organic system. He kept looking for a hidden can of chemical weedkiller in the corners of the sheds and even looked in the old stables – he couldn’t believe we have no chemicals on the farm whatsoever.

When David Jack does something, I guess he does it right!

You will not only taste the difference. After eating these veggies for a few days, you’ll feel the difference.

My father recently decided to explore the possibility of selling our produce on the Cape Town side of the Hottentots Holland. The response was quite overwhelming. As a result he decided to increase the size of the garden and increase output to see if he could satisfy the obvious demand. David Jack does like a project! The repeat purchases have been astounding.

I am a bit more cautious, as one can’t just turn on the tap.  It takes time to get an organic garden up to speed. But, my motivation for seeing this succeed is that I will then be able to get our farm veggies delivered to my home once a week on a Friday, every Friday – and I love that idea!

For more info and to get the weekly list from Jason Snell on the farm, email  Minimum order value drop is R300. However, if you get together with a few friends this is easy to achieve.

Sadly this is only available to people in Cape Town.

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