Old Road Wine Company The Anvil Shiraz 2017, perfect partner to my Waterblommetjiebredie…

Old Road Wine Company The Anvil Shiraz 2017

The Anvil Shiraz is one of the Old Road Wine Company’s [ORWC] Originals Range. The wines pay homage to the residents of the village in a previous time. Here, The Anvil recognises the once indispensable local blacksmith, who forged iron with his hammer and anvil over an open fire to create items that were both necessities and works of art.

Ryan Puttick, ORWC Winemaker in Winter Vineyards

The source vineyards for the grapes used in The Anvil Shiraz 2017 have their roots in the shale soils of Stellenbosch and Agter Paarl. To achieve a cooler, elegant style, the south-facing vineyards are rigorously quality managed with green harvesting and leaf removal. Harvesting is done at full ripeness and by hand. Once in the Cellar, Old Road Wine Company Winemaker Ryan Puttick and his team, destalk and crush them. The juice is cold soaked on the skins for 2 days before fermentation begins for deep colour, flavour and soft tannins. Fermentation is done at a high temperature on French oak staves. Thereafter the wine was taken for maturation 3rd and 4th fill barrels for a year. It is then prepared for bottling

ORWC’s The Fat Man Restaurant at the entrance to Franschhoek

From a Burgundy shaped bottle, closed with screw cap. The label is simple, elegant and tells the story. In the glass, the wine is an opaque bloodplum at the heart which pales out to ruby at the rim. The aromas are very alluring, dark berries, cherries and ripe prune plums. These all follow on the palate, which, from entry has a bright line of fruit acidity running through a generous mid palate into a long and gently waning aftertaste. Oak and its concomitant spice and vanilla support in undertow. An impressive glass and drinking well now.

Waterblommetjiebredie, a Cape Winter Classic

The Old Road Wine Company The Anvil Shiraz 2017 is made to be a perfect partner to a comforting dish of Winter food. Slow cooked and luscious in the richness of its sauce. Waterblommetjies will be coming into season soon, so my Waterblommetjiebredie would be a great match. Click HERE for my recipe.

Tanaka Mujuru, talented wine presenter at The Fatman Restaurant

The Old Road Wine Company in Franschhoek should be high on your post lockdown bucket list for a visit. Excellent wine tastings and pairing are on offer and a menu of real Bistro style food at The Fat Man Restaurant.

Waldorf Salad, one of the best variations I have had in a while

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