Mynhardt Joubert does great Christmas Cakes – order yours online now…

Mynhardt Joubert

I first met Mynhardt Joubert when he was cooking in his restaurant in Riebeeck Kasteel. Watching him cook in the open plan kitchen, smelling the amazing aromas and eating delicious plates of food with delicious local wines was a great experience.

Mynhardt Joubert’s Stasie Street Kitchen

Now, with a successful television series behind him, Kokkedoor which he won with his cooking Partner Tian Langenegger. Many good things flowed from this. Mynhardt was able to design and style his very first cook book for the Kokkedoor edition. He and Tiaan started cooking up a storm through South Africa.

Eventually came the establishment of his own venue in Paarl, The Stasie Street Kitchen where he holds the most innovative and glittering of occasions, he also works as an Ambassador for KWV Wines.

The large Cathedral Cellar often Mynhardt’s venue

Now cones the exciting part. You can have a taste of Mynhardt in your home.

For the fourth year, Mynhardt Joubert will again set the stage for a sweet soirée with his iconic Free State fruitcakes. All for a very special cause and just in time for the festive season. “Baking these cakes every year is a highlight for me,” says Mynhardt, “for weeks my kitchen at Stasie Street in Paarl smells of spice and is a hive of activity as we line cake tins, chop nuts and dried fruit, mix and bake. It has become synonymous with reflection on the past year, and only my best wishes for 2020 accompanies each cake!”

He works with sponsors Sasko, Moirs, Montague, Sasko, and the utterly sublime KWV 10 year old Potstill Brandy.

Mynhardt, who heavily draws on the memories of his mother and grandmother’s kitchens in the Eastern Free State when cooking, unsurprisingly attributes his winning recipe for his annual fruitcake to this beautiful part of the country too.

He says “Our secret to a fruitcake with a difference? We bake with love, constantly keeping in mind the deserving people who will benefit from each and every cake sale. It’s an absolute highlight and the perfect opportunity to reflect on the year passed. A recipe only becomes something truly special when you pour your heart and soul into it.”

To order Mynhardt Joubert’s Christmas Cake and support a worthwhile cause, CLICK HERE

Here it is, the very special Christmas Cake

I have eaten this cake. It is deeply darkly delicious. Somehow Mynhardt has managed to keep the almonds crunchy, the dates wth their molasses caramel add a real je ne sais qua to the texture and the crisp cherries are a bonus. The brandy is very evident and just completes the cake as a very special Christmas treat.

Read more about Mynhardt Joubert – CLICK HERE


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