Michael Olivier’s Minute of Wine #4, a Podcast, Asara Avalon 2012…

My podcast today is my Minute of Wine #4. It is about Asara Avalon 2012. Made at the Asara Wine Estate & Luxury Hotel in the Polkadraai Hills of the Stellenbosch Wine Appellation, the wine is a riff on the Italian Amarone wines. Listen about the unique viticultural and oenoligical processes used to create this truly special and unique wine.

Asara Avalon 2012, grapes drying on racks in the Olive Orchard

Clamping the stalks [peduncles] of the bunches in preparation for desiccation

The Asara Wine Estate & Luxury Hotel – photo by Jared Ruttenberg


Read more about Asara Wine Estate and Luxury Hotel – CLICK HERE


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