Massimo & Tracy Orione, now making  their brilliant Spiriti Famosi Liqueurs commercially…

Massimo & Tracy Orione, owners of Massimo’s in Hout Bay

One of the more pleasant pastimes, either living in the Cape or there on holiday, is to book and go and have a meal at Massimo’s in Hout Bay. Owned by Massimo and Tracy Orione, assisted by a fabulous team of people.

When we lived in the Cape, we visited, though now I feel that we should have been there more. There is no Pizza like a Massimo Pizza. Nowhere…

Baby Calamari lightly coated in seasoned flour and deep-fried, home made aioli

The menu is so eclectic, you are totally spoiled for choice. There is a small selection of Spantini, a kind of Italian Tapas. Salads there are many, and other first courses, the other ‘starters’ are mostly vegetarian. My choice invariably fell on their baby calamari lightly coated in seasoned flour and deep-fried, with home made aioli. They also have a separate Vegan Menu.

Massimo Beef and pork ravioli with burned butter & sage

Many different pizzas, and pastas. They also have a series of Charity Dishes, which are marked in lime green on the menu. Part of the takings go to charity; each one is mentioned and the amount that is given to the Charity.

At the end of the meal, when we would be having a coffee, Massimo would tempt us with one of his home-made liqueurs, his Spiriti Famosi. Utterly, utterly delicious. The Spiriti Famosi are now being commercially made in Hout Bay and customers can buy them at Massimo’s or online. There are three flavours Limone, Zenzero and Arancia.

The Limone is a Massimo riff on the well-known Italian spirit Limoncello. It is made with Cane Spirit. Less sweet than Limoncello though with a great rush of lemon from the first whiffs, to the first sip and then through a generous lemony palate into the long aftertaste which you don’t want to follow too quickly with your next sip of coffee. A perfect digestif and a brilliant in gradient in cocktails.

The Zenzero, is a ginger liqueur. Perfect poured over some rocks, perhaps use a large glass and pour some tonic water or sparkling water over it, and garnish with a slice or two of fresh ginger.

For the chocoholics, Massimo & Tracy Orione offer their Arancia, chocolate with a splash of orange, a dessert on its own. Perfect as a dressing for some good vanilla ice cream.

The Spiriti Famosi are available in 500ml at the even-handed price of R255 per bottle. The have a beautiful gift box which, with the Spiriti Famosi which is sold for R275.00. There is a gift pack of three 200ml bottles too for R299.00

Massimo’s Ristorante Italiano in Hout Bay, Cape Town

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