Goye Malbec Roble 2018, a fabulous Argentinian, so good with Alida Ryder’s Grilled Sirloin Steak with Caper Herb Sauce…

Goye Malbec Roble Malbec 2018

With World Malbec Day just over a week ago, I have tasted some stunning Malbecs. Argentina has really become the World Headquarters of Malbec. In France, Malbec was planted in two Wine Appellations, Bordeaux and Cahors in the South West. In 1956, terrible frosts decimated the Bordeaux vineyards. Though Cahors had the same frosts, their Malbec Vineyards survived. Much earlier, a French Viticulturist, Michael Pouget took the first Malbec Wines to Argentina. Now Malbec is the recognised Flagship of Argentinian Wine. Mendoza is the Wine Appellation which grows excellent Malbec.

The Govenechea Winery

The Govenechea Winery was founded in 1868 by Santiago and Narciso Govenechea, two brothers who had immigrated from the Basque country in Spain.

Malbec grapes ripening on the Vine

Grapes for the Goye Malbec Roble 2018 come from the Mendoza and San Rafael Wine Appellations. Once in the cellar, the grapes were destemmed and crushed. The juice is fermented in 15000 litre stainless steel tanks, with daily pump overs and délestage. The wine was matured for two months on oak staves. It is then prepared for bottling. This is followed by 6 months maturation in the winery’s magnificent old cellars.

Founders of Govenechea

From a Bordeaux shaped bottle, closed with natural cork. The label is simple, elegant and descriptive. In the glass, the wine is a deep plum colour at the heart which pales out to a purple tinged ruby at the edges. The aromas are of red and black country lane berries, like brambles, mulberries and fraises des bois. The oak is present in the form of brown spices and vanilla. From entry the wine is full and rich and generous. Gentle tannins, and the oak, the acidity and the fruit combine in the long aftertaste into a well-balanced wine.

Alida Ryder’s Grilled Sirloin Steak with Caper Herb Sauce

The Goye Malbec Roble 2018 is a serious food wine. Good with beefy casseroles and lusty vegetarian main courses. Also does well with Guinea Fowl, domestic or wild duck. Alida Ryder’s Grilled Sirloin Steak with Caper Herb Sauce is the perfect partner. Click HERE for her recipe.

Alida Ryder on the cover of one of her cookbooks

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