Drained Maas Cheese Roll with Lemon, Pepper & Smoked Paprika – Jane-Anne Hobbs

Jane-Anne Hobbss Drained Maas Cheese Roll with Lemon, Pepper & Smoked PaprikaJane-Anne Hobbs’s Drained Maas Cheese Roll
with Lemon, Pepper & Smoked Paprika

Jane-Anne says: “I’m so excited by this method for making gorgeous soft white cheese at home that I’ve been experimenting with a variety of flavours. Here is my current favourite: a ‘salami’ of cheese with lemon zest and white pepper, rolled in cracked black pepper & smoked paprika.

This cheese is so inexpensive to make at home – a two-litre bottle of full-cream maas is all it takes to make two of these.

I am smitten by white pepper, so tend to use it with abandon, but as it has a strong, rather ‘dusty’ flavour, I suggest you add it to the cheese in pinches, tasting as you go.”

Drained Maas Cheese Roll with Lemon, Pepper & Smoked Paprika

a drained maas cheese, made from 1 litre of full-cream maas, see notes
the finely grated zest of half a lemon
½ tsp (2.5 ml) white pepper
salt, to taste
freshly milled black pepper
1 tsp (5 ml) good smoked paprika

To serve
fresh radishes, or crunchy accompaniments of your choice
Salticrax or similar salted crackers, to serve

Tip the cheese into a bowl. Add the lemon zest, pepper and salt, to taste, and knead well with your fingertips. It’s quite a sticky cheese, so you might want to use a sturdy spoon instead.

Form the cheese into a ball and then roll it into a neat salami shape between the palms of your hands. Place a piece of clingfilm or baking paper on the counter and grind over it plenty of black pepper. Gently roll the cheese back and forth so it is coated all over. Now dip the two ends in the pepper. Repeat the process using the smoked paprika.

Place the cheese on one end of a new length of clingfilm and roll it up, as if you are making a Christmas cracker.  Grasp the two ends of the ‘cracker’ and continue roll the cheese away from you to form a neat, tight cylinder. Twist the two ends together, and refrigerate for 4-5 hours, or until firm.

Unroll the cheese, slice it into discs (see Cook’s Notes) and serve with crackers and radishes.

Makes one cheese; serves 4 as a snack, with accompaniments.

Cook’s Notes
Click here to make maas cheese.
The best way to slice this cheese is with a length of unscented dental floss or similar thin, strong thread.
This is also good with sweet chilli sauce, tomato jam, wine jelly, quince jelly, and so on.

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Jane-Anne Hobbs copyJane-Anne Hobbs

Jane-Anne Hobbs is a food writer de luxe. Recipe developer and photographer, she has written a stunning cookbook Scrumptious, click here to read my review.  Always on the look out for low carb dishes, she has latterly come up with some stunners. When she is not in her kitchen Jane-Anne runs one of South Africa’s most successful food websites and Facebook page – http://www.whatsfordinner.co.za/

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