Douglas Green Chardonnay 2016 & Anina Meyer’s BBQ Vegan Tacos – 01.09.2017

Douglas Green Chardonnay 2016

When Douglas Green started his wine company in 1942, there was no Chardonnay in the South African vineyard. And now, the Douglas Green Chardonnay 2016 is awarded a gold medal from the Chardonnay du Monde Competition in France earlier this year.

As with many of the Douglas Green Wines, the wines used in the final blend come from, and indeed were made in a variety of Wine Appellations under the direction of Douglas Green’s Viticulturist. Once made, the wines find their way to the Douglas Green Cellar in Wellington where they are blended and bottles.

Oak Staves

There was an interesting oaking regime. 80% of the wines were fermented on French oak staves, 10% on American oak staves and the balance in stainless steel tanks, blended back to bring a crisp freshness for the wine. Time was spent on the lees to add to the centre palate and the full flavours in the final wine. After blending the various components the wine was prepared for bottling.

Chardonnay grapes arriving at the cellar

It looks like
Packed under screw cap in a Burgundy shaped bottle. The enchanting etching on the label depicts Douglas Green walking into a vineyard. In the glass, it is a gem bright pale golden straw with a brushing of lime green.

It smells like
Whiffs of sweet tropical limes, desiccated pineapple and ripe melon. The oak in supportive undertow.

It tastes like
Lemony limey, crisp and zingy. Nice full mid palate filled out by the oak, which finishes dry yet fruity. This is a really a fine glass of wine, available from your supermarket at a very even-handed price.

Anina Meyer’s BBQ Vegan Tacos

It’s good with
Delicious as a serious sipper. Made for food and will go as well with a butter roasted organic chicken for Sunday lunch as with a well-cooked week night supper. Anina Meyer’s BBQ Vegan Tacos is the perfect dish to accompany this wine. Click here for her recipe.

Anina Meyer

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