The Douglas Green Vineyard Friends

Douglas Green started his wine company in the early 1940s with a mission to bring people to wines with a high quality to price ratio. Nothing has changed with this great company with its base in Wellington.

With so much interest in the protection of flora around the vineyards, especially the fynbos, Douglas Green have brought out a range of wines named for the animals which inhabit our vineyards and the indigenous flora around them.

Douglas Green Cape Grey Mongoose Chenin Blanc 2021
An enchanting little animal such fun to watch when it’s not watching you. For this wine, the grapes are sourced from mature sites in Perdeberg, Rawsonville and Worcester. Specially selected yeast strains that accentuate modern, bright Chenin Blanc fruit. This ensured wonderful components to create this ripe, tropical wine with a hint of creamy oatmeal. A benchmark Chenin, crisp, fresh. A mélange of tropical fruits and chunky apple, the wine is beautifully balanced and a long aftertaste.

Pair – excellent with Oriental foods, a mild Kerala Vegetable Curry or a plate of Sushi.

Douglas Green Grey Duiker Sauvignon Blanc 2021
When you see a Grey Duiker, a small African antelope, in the vineyard, you think Awww and go quiet. The Duiker is a scratcher looking for insects and gently disturbs the soil surface. The grapes are sourced from selected sites in the Franschhoek, Perdeberg and the Klein Karoo Wine Appellations. A perfect blend of early and late picking during the ideal ripeness period, with the green element of Sauvignon Blanc, the grass cuttings, and asparagus and figs. And the tropical fruits on the nose and palate. What one expects from a fine Sauvignon.

Pair – good as a sipping wine before a meal. Perfect with crisp summery salads and smoked chicken or fish.

Douglas Green Bat-Eared Fox Pinotage 2020
I have only once seen a Bat Eared Fox, a pair in the foothills of the Elandsberg near Wellington. An experience of a lifetime for a city person. It lives off the small creatures, rodents and the like, and insects in and around the vineyards. Grapes are sourced from selected sites in Perdeberg, Breedekloof and Stellenbosch. Portions of the pick were fermented and matured in French Oak Barrels which add their spice, vanilla, and mocha flavours. A fine expression of our unique South African wine grape.

Pair – good with spicy foods, a good piece of boerewors on the braai, a tomato bredie, and Dianne Bibby’s meatballs in a sassy tomato sauce. Click here for the recipe

Douglas Green Grey Heron Merlot Malbec 2020
The Grey Heron is a wonderfully elegant bird. A bit like an old school Science Master who walks very carefully in his robes. The Grey Heron loves wading at the edges of farm dams, where frogs are a major part of its diet. Grasshoppers and other insects which live in the vineyards are popular in their diets. Wines are sourced from selected sites in the Franschhoek, Bottelary, and Breedekloof Wine Appellations. Portions of this blend spent 12 months in oak to add complexity and structure. Merlot and Malbec are old friends from Bordeaux. The latter almost the National Wine of Argentina.

Deeply coloured in the glass. Aromas which fair jump out of the glass. Red and black roadside bramble berries, and fraises des bois. Ripe prune plums. Sappy with well-integrated tannins and soft on the palate.

Pair – one of my solid favourite Friday night suppers is Savoury Mince. Sounds so boring but it was always a welcome home cooked meal when coming home from boarding school at the end of the week. Cottage Pie, a mildly curried bobotie, and a tranche of good Dalewood Fromage 6 month matured Huguenot, all would love this wine.

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