Da Luca launches a Rosé Sparkler in South Africa, in time for Summer…

Da Luca Rosé

This festive season’s pop-stars are a sophisticated, elegant pair of curvaceous Italians with a touch of sweet charisma that will charm all social circles.

Glera, the grape of Prosecco

The first member of Da Luca hails from Treviso, a province of the Italy’s Veneto region that is considered one of the finest sources of Prosecco, the second a Rosé Sparkler which is a blend of Merlot and Raboso from small growers in the Veneto region in Northern Italy.

Raboso, one of the red grapes used for the Da Luca Rosé

Da Luca’s broad appeal and celebratory price point makes every day a special occasion and this year the exceedingly successful Prosecco is joined by a Rosé,  so your advent calendar can be marked by popping corks and clinking glasses.

Da Luca Prosecco DOC

Global demand for Prosecco continues to soar as more and more drinkers opt for everyday luxury with the unpretentious sparkling wine’s fresh and fruity aromas and clean, off dry finish.

Prosecco’s got everything going for it, its lighter, delicate flavour means it pairs well with just about any food from cheeses to spicy curry. Its subtlety is a winner in cocktails and it’s easy on the palate with a light effervescence, appealing to a broader market. One of the biggest draw cards is the pop-for-your-buck, which makes a lot more sense than Champagne.

Aperol Spritz, the well known Prosecco Cocktail

Da Luca is best served chilled at 8-12 degrees Celsius, and can be enjoyed on its own, in cocktails, as a refreshing aperitif or with meals.

The Da Luca sells at the recommended retail price of R119.00 and the Da Luca Rosé for an evenhanded R81.00

Information from Kirsten Hopwood Communications


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