Books for Summer – Durban Curry – Up2date by Erica Platter & Clinton Friedman…

Durban Curry – Up2date by Erica Platter & Clinton Friedman

This incredible duo has recently published their fourth book on the food of Kwa Zulu Natal and its communities. There were 2 East Coast Tables (the first, coastal one, and the second, Inland edition – Midlands and the Berg, and then Durban Curry – so much of flavour.

This is a sequel to the Durban Curry – so much of flavour. I cannot think of any South African cook books which are so narrow in their field as a book on Durban Curry – Up2date. A wonderful collaboration of Clinton Friedman’s truly outstanding photography and Cameron Platter’s art, together with Erica’s phenomenal writing skills, this book is one you want to have on your bookshelf for that time [once a week at least in our house] when you hit that 4 o’clock in the afternoon time when the ‘what’s for supper’ question arises.

There are more versions of the KZN Classic, the Bunny Chow than one ever thought existed, yet each one is a jewel in the Great Bunny Chow Crown.  One of them graces the cover. There are recipes of chicken [and a quail], a brilliant chapter on Masalas, I loved the Pickles Sauces and Sambals, the Plant based and John Platters What to drink, written in his own inimitable style – Rules? Out of the window. Love him.

There is a handy directory as to where you eat and where to buy spices, baked goods and more. An index also of the places and the people who have contributed to the pages.

Erica Platter & Clinton Friedman

You actually can’t not have this book by your side. I  found that I wanted to read it first, to understand the foods and the use of flavourants and to take in all the colour with which Clinton Friedman has liberally sprinkled this amazing body of work.

Now it moves into the kitchen where in a short while it will be spattered with curry sauces and sprays of garam masala and the occasional drop of wine.

Erica & John Platter

I think Cameron Platter’s quirky Bunny end papers are such fun. Clinton has designs into some interesting Kitchen Ware which you can buy off the website.

This book is a great tribute to the talents of Erica and Clinton and also to the wonderful Indian Community of Durban, the biggest outside India I am told. Their ancestors came here as indentured sugar workers and what a great endowment they have made, not only in terms of their culture, their foods, their religions, in academia and all manner of fields.  We are blessed.

Don’t even ask – just go out and get it…

Read more about Durban Curry – CLICK HERE

You can buy the book online and also the Kitchenware, perfect Christmas gifts.


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