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Delicious Low Carb – Sally-Ann Creed

Sally-Ann Creed is elegantly monikered as a Functional Integrative Nutritional Therapist.  As co-author of the brilliantly successful The Real Meal Revolution, she has already carved her name as a hero alongside the greats like Tim Noakes, David Grier and Jonno Proudfoot, her co-authors. She has a raft of other books which are all hugely popular.

In her latest book, Delicious Low Carb, she shows how the ordinary family can follow a low carb diet, realistically and within the family budget.

Low carb eating has enormous health benefits, weight loss, more energy and a lower risk of heart disease.

Sally-Ann Creed

When I looked at the cover, I thought they had used the wrong cover for the book. A pile of pancakes, cream, honey pouring all over it and raspberries. Called Zero Carb Pancakes in the book.

I like her Healthy Practical Affordable Realistic approach.

The book is divided into Soups, Bread Rolls & Pizza, Finger Food, Condiments and Sauces, Breakfast, Mains, Sides, Food for Kids, Snacks, Cookies, Cakes & Treats, Desserts and finally Beverages.

Excellent food styling. Photography that makes you want to reach in a grab a bite.

This is sage advice from a real pro, who understands and is empathetic.

If this is Low Carb, I want it. Sally-Ann Creed has long been my hero.

The book is published by Human & Rousseau


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