Books for Cooks #3, for the musically minded & those who like a bit of magic…

Books for Cooks #3, for the musically minded & those who like a bit of magic

A Pinch of Magic

Fliss, Betty and Charlie are the current line of Widdershin sisters who are cursed never to leave their island home. If they do, they will be dead by the end of the next day. Itchy Betty wants to get away by breaking the curse. The sisters are given a set of family heirlooms in order to find a way out of their dilemma.

Beautifully written, Michelle Harrison’s language and the use of words adds to the magic. Her descriptions of the girls and the islands, Lament, Torment and Repent on which they live. Lots of very descriptive writing give you a full picture. Is this a fairy tale? A novel for adults? Get it and see, it’s a great read…

Written by Michelle Harrison
Simon & Schuster
Distributed in South Africa by Jonathan Ball Publishers

Rodney Trudgeon’s Concert Notes

I have a disclaimer here, I have known Rodney Trudgeon for a number of years and worked with him at Fine Music Radio in Cape Town. When I come back next time, I want to have Rodney’s music knowledge. This man is a walking encyclopaedia of music. Well known as a broadcaster for a number of years in Johannesburg and in Cape Town. During the season of the Cape Town Orchestra, Rodney gives talks on one of the pieces being played that evening. Here is an alphabetical collection of Rodney’s well researched program notes. I listen to Fine Music Radio online and to Scala Radio in the UK and when pieces are played that are in this book, I find it a fine time to read Rodney’s notes while the piece of music is playing. A total professional, loves what he does and it comes through in this book. It is one you need to keep wherever you are listening to fine music.

Published by Jonathan Ball Publishers

Mile 8

I write so happily about this superb book, part of my Books for Cooks #3. David Higgs is one of the finest chefs we are so fortunate to have in Johannesburg. I first met David in 1993 when I wanted to cook Foie Gras and put it on my menu at our restaurant, Parks.  Since then, his career has gone stratospheric. I have eaten, and very well too, at both his Johannesburg Restaurants, Marble and Saint. Mile 8, which he calls ‘A book about cooking’, refers to a place on the Namibian Coastline. It is filled with nostalgia, of wonderful food, that is home food, not cheffy kind of food at all.

There is a lovely graphic showing David’s career on his website – CLICK HERE

Self Published, read more about David Higgs – CLICK HERE


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