Boland Cellar One Formation Blend 2017, a magical mix of Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc & Grenache Blanc…..31.10.2017

Boland Cellar One Formation White Blend 2017

Boland Cellar’s new vintage release of the Boland One Formation Blend, a stunning white wine, recently won praise at the Paarl regional champion titles at the 2017 South African Young Wine Show.

The Show is an annual competition that accounts different wine regions’ best vintages. Boland Cellar’s 2017 One Formation white blend won the Akura Trophy for Champion Dry White Blend at the Paarl Young Wine Show. The cellar also took the CJP Chemicals Trophy as Chenin Blanc Champion for Paarl.

One of the reds on the One Formation range, Pinotage, Shiraz & Grenache Noir

The term, ‘One Formation’, associates different elements – in this case, three varietals – that were combined to form a singular blend. The range includes white and red blends. Paarl is particularly renowned for varietals such as Chenin blanc, Pinotage and Shiraz which form the cornerstones of the different blends. The wines were inspired by experimenting with lesser-known varietals to result in a range of authentic regional blends. Consequently, the 2017 white vintage evolved in a Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc and Grenache Blanc blend.

Boland Cellar’s Head of Sales & Marketing Maraleze Knoetze

According to Maraleze Knoetze, head of marketing at Boland Cellar, the One Formation label honours the brand’s ‘Pioneers of Collaboration’ ethos that is key to the Cellar’s longstanding heritage. “With Chenin blanc being a foundational varietal in the One Formation white blend, a double championship award in the white wine categories truly shows Chenin Blanc’s versatility and potential to highlight the varietals’ appeal. The 2017 vintage, provides layers of apple, kiwi and gooseberry with citrus undertones, and pairs well with seafood dishes.

Waterblommetjies growing on a dam in the Boland – heritage food

Available for an even handed R80 a bottle, One Formation’s white blends retail from approximately R80 per bottle at Picardi Rebel outlets nationwide, and at the cellar in Paarl. There are a couple of red blends too.

Chenin Blanc catching a touch of morning sun on the vine

It looks like
Packed under screw cap in a Burgundy shaped bottle, the One Formation has an elegant livery. In the glass, a pale golden straw with green flashes.

It smells like
The classical Chenin notes of guava, green apples, white flowers and fynbos honey, the lovely green aromas of Sauvignon and the Grenache Blanc adding its special tart rustic fruit.

It tastes like
Full from entry, fills the centre palate with all the fruits and other flavours with generosity. Lovely lingering ending, just made for food.

Alida Ryder’s Kick Ass Roast Chicken

It’s good with
Good with seafood and oriental stir fries and gentle curries. Goes well with a Waterblommetjie Bredie – click here. I always feel that Chenin, on its own or as a lead in a blend like this one, just loves a plump roasted organic chicken.  Alida Ryder’s Kick Ass Roast Chicken, answers the call. Click here for her recipe.

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