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Delheim Grand Reserve 2015

Delheim is situated up the slopes of the Simonsberg in the Stellenbosch Wine Appellation with views towards Cape Town that are crystal clear with a view of Table Mountain.

Delheim Vineyards looking towards Table Mountain

Spatz Sperling, recently deceased was reponsible for the fame of Delheim, from the time he arrived there in 1958. The wines are a refllection of him. He was a generous man, outgoing, and with the most infectious and loud of laughs. He was a legend in the Cape Winelands in his lifetime, and will be well beyond it. He, with a couple of other Wine Estate Owners founded the Stellenbosch Wine Route in the early 1970s, now it is a major tourism business. Many of the Delheim Wines are of his creation, and his sense of humour, least of all the Spatzendreck with its hilarious label.

Spatz Sperling, the Lion of Delheim

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The Sperlings  & Sperling Theils of Delheim, Vera in the middle

Today, Delheim is in the hands of Victor Sperling and Nora Sperling-Thiel, the children of Spatz and Vera Sperling.  The winemaker is Roelof Lotriet.

Roelof Lotriet Delheim’s Winemaker

Delheim Fynbos Cupcakes & Wine Tastings

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