Advent Calendar 2019, a person this time, the whirlwind Sophia Lindop…

Sophia Lindop – South African Lebanese Food Heritage Curator

Sophia Lindop and her wine knowledgable, Dentist, husband Paddy live in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town. In their home Sophia offers Cookery Classes, featuring Lebanese food which is so much part of her having had first generation Lebanese Grandparents. There is a little Boerekos influence too from her mother and Ouma. Twice a year she is in Johannesburg where she runs her cookery courses.

Hochar 2013 from the iconic Lebanese Winery, Chateau Musar

Paddy Lindop will always find a Lebanese wine or two to tickle your palate.

Twice a year she takes a guided tour to Lebanon where participants not only cook in different venues, but also have the opportunity to see this historic country.

Sophia Lindop’s Lebanon Summer Tour

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Sophia is on Instagram and Facebook as @sophialindopcooks – do follow her…

Sophia Lindop’s Salatit el Batinjan – a cold Aubergine Salad

Read more about Sophia Lindop, her books, her classes and her tours – CLICK HERE



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