Zola Nene wins a Gourmand World Cookbook Award…

Zola Nene – Award Winning Celebrity Chef, TV Star, Cookbook Writer

Disclosure first. I love Zola. I had the wonderful experience of working with Zola on the Expresso Breakfast Show for about three years. I have also had the wonderful experience of seeing her blossom into her own TV series, judging on The Great South African Bake Off and now two very successful books.

Zola & Friends in Macau this week, her sister on the right

Zola was announced as Winner of the of the Gourmand Best in the World TV Celebrity Chef Award at the annual awards ceremony of the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards in Macao China on 3rd July.

The Award Winning Simply Zola – the journey continues

Simply Zola – the journey continues, is a stunning book. Wonderful photography of Zola’s vibrant dishes. All day Breakfasts, Salads with Sass, It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere, and Weekend Baking are but part of the excitement that awaits in this book. It’s definitely a call to action. I went straight to the kitchen and started planning meals – and Weekend Baking.

Pictures of Zola in her flamboyant style of dress are a joy, especially when you know her as well as I do – she has such class.

It is well worth your while to land a copy of her first book Simply Delicious.

Read more about Zola Nene – CLICK HERE

Simply Zola is published by StruikLifestyle


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