Wine4friends, December offering of stunning wines…

Wine4friends – buy your Christmas wine now….

So many kind people ask me what my favourite wine is, what they should be drinking, my students needing my help to match wines to their exam dishes, that I decided to start a website where people can buy wines in smaller quantities to try them out.  Wine4friends was born when I me two incredibly talented ladies in Emma Donovan and Dominique Kit of The Yellow Door Collective.  Together with Lara Philp of The Vineyard Connection, who will do the distribution for us, I reckon we are on to a fun thing.

Wine4friends is not a wine club, there is no membership fee or reams of forms to fill out. You just go there and buy.

We have our December offering up on the Website now, all lovely mixed boxes to give you a chance to ‘try before you buy.’

Delivered to your door

Apart from interviews with winemakers and a few recipes – my last-minute Christmas pudding is there, do try it.  There are three boxes on offer, Mid-Week Wonders, the sort of midweek supper wines I thought you would enjoy. There’s the Michael’s Choice with is a selection of my current favourites and then finally Splashing Out, wines for special occasions, when mother-in-law or the boss come for supper.

Do go and have a browse, buy a case or two and The Vineyard Connection will have the wine on your doorstep before Christmas.

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