Willow Creek Olive Oil of Origin continues its winning ways – 31.01.2016

IMG_5074Baked Marrow in Bolognaise Sauce

I am a great fan of Willow Creek Olive Oils, and enjoy using their infused oils particularly, the garlic, jalapeno and the parmesan being amongst my current favourites.

For my recipe below, you will need a marrow at least 40 cm long. Perhaps one which hid itself under the leaves and was missed while harvesting the babies.

Very simple dish this, but it was as a result of a double batch of richly flavoured tomatoey bolognaise type sauce, of which we had a litre.

IMG_5073The baked marrow awaiting its baptism of sauce

The marrow, I peeled, removed the seeds and cut into thick slices – roughly 2 cm. I painted them with the Willow Creek Garlic Infused Oil, though I could have easily used the Parmesan Infused oil. I seasoned well with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper. Placed them on a rack and baked them for 40 minutes in a 180C oven to remove as much liquid as possible and to give them a brown tinge.

I placed the slices in one of my favourite ovenproof dishes, a terra cotta one my mother had for about 40 years. Smoothed over the bolognaise sauce and then sprinkled the top with a half half mixture of grated matured cheddar and mozzarella. A sprinkling of Parmiggiana Reggiano would just ‘top it off.’

I baked the dish for 45 minutes, raised the heat a touch at the end to brown it on top.

Delicious. Especially the brown crusty bits around the edge.

Directors Reserve 500mlWillow Creek Directors’ Reserve Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The international status of a South African olive oil producer and their popular extra virgin olive oil has just been bumped up significantly following the latest Top 100 list released by the independent World Ranking Extra Virgin Olive Oils (www.evooworldranking.org). Willow Creek Olive Estate, the only local olive oil producer to land a place on this authoritative list, is currently in the 20th position in comparison with their 33rd position in 2014. The Willow Creek Directors’ Reserve was awarded the title of 50th best extra virgin olive oil in the world (compared to a 95st place in 2014).

The Top 100 lists for olive oils and producers compiled by the internationally respected World Ranking EVOO take into account the number of awards won by the world’s main competitions. Every competition is weighted based on its global importance, the number of entries it draws, the number of participating countries, as well as the impact it has on consumers.

Olive Orchard van GoghThe Olive Orchard
Vincent van Gogh

Willow Creek’s Directors’ Reserve, a robust olive oil with complex aromas of tomato vines and artichokes, followed by nuances of rocket, salad herbs and a lingering nuttiness, was honoured with awards from numerous highly acclaimed competitions, including Prestige Gold at the Olivinus and Terra Olivo Mediterranean International olive competitions; a Gold medal at the New York International competition; Special Mentions at the Italian L’Orciolo d’Oro and the Sol D’Oro Southern Hemisphere competitions, and Gold at the SA Olive Awards.

“It is important that we pitch our olive oil against the best the world has to offer so that we can confidently ensure our consumers of our exceptional quality,” says Louise Rabie, brand manager of Willow Creek. “But, while awards serve to affirm the quality of our products, the greatest reward comes from sharing our passion with olive oil lovers the world over.”

zzz WillowCreek Olive OilsWillow Creek’s Flavoured Olive Oils

Willow Creek’s range of products are available at delis and retailers including Woolworths, Checkers, Pick n Pay, Food Lover’s Market, Spar, Makro, Game and Montague Dried Fruit & Nuts. They also have a tasting room and shop on the estate, open to the public, as well as a nursery that sells olive trees.

Visit their website: click here

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