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Sarah Graham & me on the Bitten TV Series set

One of the lovely things about Sarah Graham and I cooking in the Karoo at the African Relish Cookery School was being able to use the fabulous products of the people who so kindly sponsored the weekend.  And for both of us , the fun of developing dishes which showed them off!

Clemengold slices poached in sugar syrup

One of the dishes that I made was a reprise of something that I had last made in 1969 when I was at the Cordon Bleu Cookery School in London.  There was a slight twist as the original recipe from Rosemary Hume and Constance Spry did not contain Clemengolds, those bright sappy little mandarins which so lighten up my, and indeed many others, winter.

So for my Hazelnut & Apple Galette with Clemengolds, I started off by glazing slices of the Clemengolds in a sugar syrup and then added some chopped slices into the apple filling and quartered slices as a garnish nestle next to toasted hazelnuts.

The raw Hazelnut Pastry marked into 8 slices

The pastry was fabulously nutty and crisp in contrast to the mashed apple filling given a lift by the chopped slices of Clemengold.  I was going to make the pastry by hand, but Sue Barber, our sous chef, made it in a flash in her Magimix.

Jordan Mellifera 2012

We served with it the utterly sublime Jordan Mellifera, a noble late harvest wine.  Rich with soft dried apricots, desiccated pineapple and honey, sweet and unctuous, and with the bold rich acidity of poached cape gooseberries, it was the perfect accompaniment.

Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon 2009

In a tasting Masterclass to show our guests what a benchmark Cabernet Sauvignon tasted like, I poured the Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon 2009.

Jordan Sauvignon Blanc 2012

The Jordan Sauvignon Blanc 2012 I poured with a selection of Salads while Sarah and I cooked, one of them Zucchine in AgroDolce, the fresh crispness of the Sauvignon in perfect counterpoint to the sweet and sour flavours of this Sicilian styled dish with golden sultanas from the Orange River and toasted pine nuts.

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Click on the name of the dish under the picture to see the recipe.

Special thanks to Gary & Kathy Jordan of Jordan Wines & Clemengold who were sponsors for the weekend.


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