The Hout Bay Harbour Gin Distillery takes World Bests at The World Gin Awards…

The Schmidts of The Hout Bay Harbour Gin Distillery

Gin in a Harbour? In Hout Bay’s harbour, a short drive from the Cape Town City Centre. Amongst the fishing boats, the sea gulls, the seals, all surrounded by magical mountains, there you will find The Hout Bay Harbour Gin Distillery. A fine and complete tourist and gin lovers destination, you can do a Gin Tasting at the Distillery, buy a couple of bottles and them follow up with some fresh fish and chips from one of the restaurants in the harbour.

The Harbour Dry Gin, a premium London Dry Gin

The name London refers to the way the gin is made, rather than anything to do with London. Herbs, seeds spices are  distilled with the base. This gin is made in small batches.

From an attractive bespoke bottle,  closed with a natural T cork. The bespoke bottle is attractively labelled with images of seals, which live in the Harbour. In the glass, the colour is like a perfect Diamond. The aromas are predominantly of juniper berries. The palate is clean and bright on entry with cinnamon quills dominating, and then the undertow of desiccated orange peel and roadside fennel seeds we used to pick and chew as children. The aftertaste is clean and there is a whisper of the fennel again.

Cucumber Sandwiches

Mix and Pair
This gin is so special, clean, bright and generous, that when we drank it poured over ice we felt it didn’t need a flowery tonic, maybe a touch of soda water. Then sip gently as you watch the sun go down. Just perfect with cucumber or watercress sandwiches.

The Hout Bay Harbour Distillery Navy Strength Gin

This gin has an alcohol content of 57%, perfect for sailors home from the sea! But great for all gin lovers.

In the glass, gem bright and crystal clear. Again like the other gin, the juniper berries are forward and there are other spices present, desiccated orange peel, and cardamom. What I like is that though the alcohol is higher than a traditional gin, it is wonderfully smooth in a rich and generous palate. The citrus comes through to give the illusion of sweetness. And then on the aftertaste, a retro-nasal whiff of spice. A truly lovely glass.

My Fresh Norwegian Salmon cured with Gin

Mix and pair
The Schmidts recommend that you pick your favourite glass and pour in a measure of Gin. Add a slice or two of Orange, gently pressed into the bottom of the glass to release the beautiful natural sweetness of the fruit. Now add a few ice cubes and top of with either a premium Indian Tonic or Soda Water. To add a little extra spice, simply add a stick of cinnamon. My Fresh Gin cured Norwegian Salmon is a great partner…. Click HERE for my recipe.

My favourite gin glass, is the Riedel Performance


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