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When I first tasted one of Dudley Wilson’s wines it was at an Organic Wines Festival at Wine Concepts, a specialist Wine Shop in Newlands Cape Town.  I tasted a Stellar Organics two-year-old Colombar, which was fabulous.  I was surprised as Colombar is usually a wine one drinks before the presses have been washed out – yet this one had lasted.  I had to find out more.

This led to me becoming interested in organic wines and to finding out that you need to grow organic grapes, to maintain the organic status of your grapes during the wine making processes and to do so in an environmentally responsible manner for your wines to be certified as organic.  Organic means that no chemicals, pesticides or herbicides were used in the growing of the grapes. Only compost and organic materials are used, with indigenous vegetation for mulching.

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In the cellar the maximum allowable quantity of sulphur dioxide is half that of conventional wines and certain chemicals are forbidden. Waste products such as skins and pips are composted for use in the soil.  Water usage in the cellar is audited and then returned to the lands as irrigation.  Chemicals for cleaning are kept to a minimum and steam is preferred as a sterilizer.  Stellar Organics Winery is supervised by SKAL International, an organic inspection body.

Stellar Winery is situated 275 km north of Cape Town on the road to Namibia. The cellar processes upwards of 5 000 tons of organic grapes from farms straddling the northern boundary of the Olifants River wine region and Namaqualand.  This is an area famous for its spring flowers and is also the only semi-arid Biosphere hotspot in the world. Who needs harmful pesticides with this flock of geese around?

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Stellar Winery was the first organic vineyard and cellar to receive the highly sought after Fairtrade accreditation.  As a result Stellar undertakes to empower its economically disadvantaged workers and ensure that a fair price is paid for the product along the whole supply chain. A percentage of the wholesale price of the wine is paid directly back to the Stellar Fairtrade Workers’ Trust.

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Stellar’s Sensory Collection is beautifully labeled with specially commissioned labels to match specific varietal wines allowing the wine drinker to visually “taste” the wine before opening it.

The Stellar Range consists of a selection of varietal and blended wines, while the Live a Little entry-level range shows a wonderful element of fun in easy generous quaffers.

For me Stellar Organics is about excellence in wine first, that it is organic is an added and beneficial bonus.

Wine Region – Olifants River
Winemaker: Dudley Wilson
On the N7 at Trawal in the Olifants River Wine region, Western Cape, South Africa.
Telephone [027] 2161310
E-mail: Web:

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