Stark-Condé & MAN Vintners Wine announcements, interesting times ahead…

José Conde, Director of Stark-Conde wines & Winemaker Rudger van Wyk
News from José Conde, Director of Stark-Conde wines is that yesterday we started crushing the first grapes of the 2018 harvest. This year is the 20th year of Stark-Condé Wines.

Stark-Condé Three Pines Syrah 2012
Stark-Condé Wines is pleased to announce the appointment of assistant winemaker, Rudger van Wyk, to the position of Winemaker. Rudger has been with Stark-Condé for over 2 years and has really grown as a leader of the team. These past 2 years he has gained an excellent understanding of our vineyards and of our winemaking style and he has stepped up to the day-to-day role of supervising the cellar staff. Rudger is a George native (on the East Coast) and has a degree in Oenology from Stellenbosch University. He was a Cape Winemakers’ Guild Protegé with apprenticeships at Kanonkop and Nitida and a harvest in Burgundy before joining Stark-Condé. Along with a great palate, he brings a lot of passion to the position — and as you can see by the size of his arms in the photo below, as an ex-Rugby player, he has no problems with the punchdowns, a big plus!

Lievland Wine Estate in Stellenbosch
Further news is that MAN Vintners,, of which José is also a Director has purchased the historic Lievland Wine Estate located in the Simonsberg Ward in Stellenbosch. Lievland Estate has a rich history and a long tradition of winemaking. Originally part of the neighboring Uitkyk farm, it was divided in the early-1700s into its current boundaries. The historic tasting room and manor house on the property date from the early 1800s. According to partner José Conde, “When I moved to South Africa 20 years ago, Lievland was considered one of the top 5 winemaking properties in Stellenbosch. Unfortunately, it has been a bit neglected since, but it still has some excellent older vineyards and many sites with great potential as well as a stunning and unique underground barrel cellar. Our immediate plan is to build a new processing, bottling and warehouse facility for MAN Family Wines while we slowly re-develop the vineyards and build up the Lievland Estate brand. We look forward to re-capturing its former glory.”

MAN Vintner Skaapveld Shiraz

LIEVLAND ESTATE is 110 hectares with 60+ hectares of potential vineyards. Its immediate neighbors are Warwick Estate, Uitkyk Estate, Kanonkop Estate and Le Bonheur Estate. It has a multitude of sites. Its primary soils are made up of the decomposed granite typical of Stellenbosch mountain sites. Lievland also boasts several firsts in its history: it was the first private estate to have a woman winemaker and it is believed to be the first estate in the modern Cape era to produce a barrel-fermented Chenin Blanc.

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