Secco sachets to infuse your own Gin, let the fun times begin…

Secco offers an infuse your own Gin Infusion

A dear  friend of mine used to keep his gin in the fridge, always two bottles of a propriety brand. He would peel a whole lemon skin with no pith and drop it into the bottles, so he always had a lemony gin available. Gin is tops at the moment with all different infusions and types and brands and prices. Secco has come up with a brilliant idea with their Secco Drink Infusion. Secco is a blend of specially selected dried fruit and spices, available in sachet form, which allows you\ to naturally infuse their drink of choice in the comfort of their own home. Secco is the creative brainchild of Cape Town based food scientist and entrepreneur, Wessel Pieterse.

Secco Citrus Cinnamon Infusion

The idea for the product came to Pieterse while travelling. In Paris, he noticed trendy bars mixing and infusing their gins with botanicals. This approach to mixology offered establishments the opportunity to create signature drink experiences that weren’t likely to be duplicated elsewhere, and gave their clientele the chance to enjoy something equally satisfying to both the palate and the eye.

Secca Pepper Berry Infusion

to create a product that allowed gin drinkers the chance to spice up their G&Ts at home. “Aesthetics play an undeniable role in any experience – people want to drink something that is not only delicious, but also beautiful to look at,” he explains.

South Africa has not been excluded from the global gin resurgence currently underway. The growing trend has seen micro distilleries popping up across the country, from the West Coast to the Free State, while artisanal distilleries like Hope on Hopkins have encouraged a new generation of adventurous and creative gin drinkers.

Secco Raspberry Rose Hibiscus Infusion

The name, Secco, is derived from the Italian word, meaning dry and refers to the process by which the botanicals are preserved. This process of freeze drying preserves the taste and structure of the fruit, allowing the cells to remain open for maximum flavour and colour infusion. As no additives are used during the drying and preserving phase, Secco is an all-natural food product.

Serving Suggestion: Add one sachet of Secco to a G&T, cocktail or soft drink of your choice. Leave to infuse and enjoy.

Secco Spiced Fig Infusion

Secco is available in 8-sachet boxes, now in the following flavours:
Ginger Lime, Raspberry Rose Hibiscus, Pepper Berry and Spiced Pomegranate.

Recommended Retail Price: R110 per box of 8 sachets

Available at various liquor stores, select TOPS at SPAR stores and online at

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