Sansibar Gin Bar at Asara Wine Estate, is it the biggest in the country?

Sansibar Gin Bar

The Sansibar Gin Bar on the Asara Wine Estate and Luxury Hotel is your place to visit if you love Gin. Also, a great destination if you don’t like gin, as the Estate’s Wines are sublime and the food served there is so perfect for matching to the wines, and indeed some of the gins and the cocktails. The shelves of the Bar have a collection, at today’s counting of 513 gins, and a selection of tonics numbering over 20.

Desh Loy, Marc Gaiser & Thierry Lubala

Thierry Lubala, Desh Loy and MacDonald Njoloma are the Gin Experts.  Their variety of mixes, cocktails and old classics is endless.

The Annual Asara Pure Gin Festival takes place in December

Each year in December Asara hosts a huge fun Pure Gin Festival, a treat as there are usually upward of fifteen gin companies extolling the virtues of their products and offering tastings to the punters. The numbers are kept controllable so that it is a pleasant affair.

Estate GM Peter Gottgens with Arek Witaszek with pole caught St Helena Tuna

Chef Arek Witaszek and his team provide sublime food at the Pure Gin Festival, last year they spit roasted two sheep, too many chickens to count and rolled pork belly. Lovely selection of salads. The Estate’s famed ice creams, gelatos and sorbets are also on offer.

The food offerings in the Sansibar are varied and the pizzas and main course dishes are cooked in a wood fired oven. There is a good choice for vegetarians on the menu, the Aubergine Parmigiana is a dream, as are the salads.

Southern Cross Gin, popular at the Sansibar

The Sansibar Gin Bar is open every day of the week. Be sure when you visit that you take a shopping basket to take home a couple of bottles of wine and some of the baked goods from the Deli.

Let me know if you know of a bigger Gin Bar in the Republic…

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