Rooiberg Flagship Reserve Shiraz 2016, a sublime expression of its terroir….

Rooiberg Reserve Shiraz 2016

My first contact with Rooiberg Winery was in the late 1970s when I was driving from Worcester Robertson with a respected wine maker. We drove towards Rooiberg and he said, “we must stop here and go and say hello to Dassie.” Dassie was the winemaker at the time. Of course, it was not a quick hello. Realising he had an eminent winemaker visiting, Dassie took us on a cellar tour with a key and some tasting glasses. I tagged along and had a wonderful experience, these two, one an estate producer, the other a Co-Operative winemaker dealing with thousands of tons of grapes. Over the years,  Rooiberg had a special place in my memory bank and I have always enjoyed their offerings, especially the Rooiberg Reserve Shiraz 2016.

Rooiberg WInemaker, André van Dyk

Now André van Dyk and André Scriven are the Rooiberg winemakers and they are producing some excellent stuff. You will find it, even-handedly priced, on most supermarket shelves. Good pace to call in should you ever be on that Worcester Robertson Road.

The Rooiberg Reserve Shiraz 2016 is a flagship for the winery. Matured in French oak barrels, it has all the potential to age well over the next few years, if properly cellared.

Shiraz Grapes, ripening on the vine

From a Bordeaux shaped bottle, under natural cork. The livery is elegant and becoming for a wine of this stature. The aromas are all about dark berry and cherry fruits, and ripe bloodplums. The spicy characters, brown spices, roadside fennel seeds and a grind of black pepper. On entry, the wine is full bodied, swirling into the mid palate with its sumptuous concentration of dark fruits and cashmere clad tannins. The oak is present as a support to the fruit, as is the acidity.

Nina Timm’s New York Strip Steak – perfect Sunday lunch dish

This is a food wine. Perfect as a partner to vegetarian and vegan dishes which are full of flavour from well reduced tomatoes, aubergines and mushrooms. I feel a grating of cheese on top would be an added bonus. Vegetarians should know that real Parmesan is curdled with animal rennet. Vegans will know the route to a well-made and suitable vegan cheese.  For the meat eater, this wine is a gem. A tri-tip steak off the braai with a devilled sauce, a couple of lamb chops with a mint salsa, or a piece of excellent spicy boerewors off the braai, are all perfect partners. As is Nina Timm’s New York Strip Sirloin – click for her recipe.

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