Prue Leith’s Courgette Fritters, good with a glass of Douglas Green Chardonnay 2019…

Prue Leith’s Courgette Fritters

I am so interested as to how many of my dear friends are using Instagram TV to show their cooking skills. One person, I just love watching is Prue Leith. We have known each other for 40 years. I did a week stage in her restaurant Leith’s in London in 1990 which I have never forgotten. Utterly lovely lady, with a very special husband, Johnny.

Prue Leith

Here’s the Recipe

Prue Leith’s Courgette Fritters

What you’ll need
150ml Flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt
150ml ice cold water – I used slightly more
1 Tbs Extra virgin Olive oil
400g courgettes, topped and tailed and cut into little matchstick shapes
Sunflower oil

For your squeeze

What you’ll do
Prepare the batter. Adding more water if required to make a batter, I found I needed to, perhaps as a result of different flour. Allow the batter to stand for about 30 minutes to let the flour bloom.

Prepare the courgettes. Thoroughly salt them in a colander and leave to drain off its extra water. Rinse well under running water and then pay dry on a tea towel.

When ready, mix the courgettes into the batter. Over medium heat in a nonstick frying pan with a slick of sunflower oil in it place spoonfuls of the mixture and fry gently until brown, turn over and repeat the process. Prue uses a wok quite full of oil then adds the batter and breaks it up while it is frying so you get bits of crispy fried fritters. Mine in the picture above are a bit more like hotcakes.

Serve with a good squeeze of lemon juice…

We had two left over, which I had for lunch the following day topped with a fried egg. If you want to splash out and make a Hollandaise, that would be the ultimate.

With a glass of wine and a salad, they make a lovely lunch time dish.

Douglas Green Chardonnay 2019

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