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Peter Kramer

As a child, we used to travel into Cape Town every Saturday and lunch at a number of little restaurants in and around the Metro and Van Riebeek Cinemas in restaurants called Voodoo, The Chicken Inn and the original La Perla when it was owned and run my Emiliano Sandri and Luigi Bersella.

Peter Kramer with his father Hans Kramer in their music emporium

One a month, my father having received his copy of The Gramophone, a British magazine, made a little list of recordings he wanted, and we would walk up Long Street to a building called Langham House. Downstairs was a very aromatic Coffee Roastery and upstairs, the cave of multiple delights, Hans Kramer Music. Run by the most charming, knowledgeable couple, Hans and Greta Kramer. I learned so much from them and was so happy to have continued the friendship into adulthood.

Peter in full voice in The Mikado

Peter himself is a keen singer and some time back pre Covid went to England with the Cape Town Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Mikado. Very successful tour.

Fiona, building the catalogue

Continuing their tradition of providing Cape Town with fine music, their son Peter and his partner Fiona have a CD Emporium in Peter’s home in Goodwood. This Saturday, Peter and Fiona will be opening their home to fellow music lovers.

Peter Kramer’s CD & DVD Shop

Their expo this week end is even bigger with a recent collection of amazing CDs which continues to sell well. They also have a collection of about 100 opera DVDs. This week another collection of 150 CDs of opera and classical music arrived

Langham House, Long Street Cape Town home of Hans Kramer House of Music in the 20th Century

Peter and Fiona invite you to pop in and enjoy great music… hopefully the rain will clear somewhat..

Peter Kramer
Classics from Peter
177 Botha Street
Richmond Estate

Call Peter on  079 833 7617

Opening times…. Weekdays 10h00 to 16h00. Saturdays 09h00 to 14h00.

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