Peel’s Honey, the country’s oldest brand & a recipe from Christine Capendale…

Peel’s Honey Shop at 3 Mare Street Howick KZN, open now

Back in the 1980s, Madeleine and I had Paddagang Restaurant in Tulbagh. We also had a little tourist shop and it was here that I made my first acquaintance with Peel’s Honey. We used to buy boxes of the products, honey, creamed honey and their wonderful peanut brittle. I can’t remember the name of the lovely old man with whom I dealt, though I imagined him in a white coat. He was utterly charming. It is this sort of experience which makes you a life long fan. Today, the honeys are regularly tested by accredited European laboratories. It is 100% pure and unadulterated.

From the Apiarist to your table

I was recently sent a sampling of their products and the waves of nostalgia which came over me when I spread the various honeys on my home made bread or toast in the mornings was joy unconfined.

Here are a couple of the products which I enjoyed –

Peel’s Honey

Nothing like a straight honey, nothing. It is unctuous, aromatic and thick to spread. You get the feeling that the bees have worked extra hard to produce a product like this.

Peel’s Raw Honey

This is a thick creamy honey in its purest form. Taken straight from the honey extractor without, heat, clarification or pumping through filters. It is as the bees make it.

Peel’s Creamed Honey

One of my favourite styles of hoey, this is raw honey gently whipped to give you a lovely texture, smooth and just so good. In the process of creaming, the natural properties of the honey are undisturbed, maintaining all health benefits.

Peel’s Bean Blossom Honey

This is one of the speciality honeys, made from Bean Blossoms, and so so good.The Peel’s Nut Brittles

While the Peanut Brittle is their most popular [and my favourite], they also produce, almond, macadamia nut, pecan, cashew, sesame and then the Honey Scotch, Barley and Honey Fudge.

Christine Capendale’s Honey & Garlic Chicken with Chili & Lime

Christine Capendale is an ambassador for Peel’s Honey, a great cook and cookbook author. Christine Capendale’s Honey & Garlic Chicken with Chili & Lime is a great favourite. Click HERE for her recipe.

Christine Capendale with her recently released book, Meals

With thanks to Peel’s Honey & Fawn Rogers of Social Incubator for the products.

Read more about Peel’s Honey and buy online – CLICK HERE



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