Oldenburg Vineyards Merlot 2015 awarded a coveted 5-Star rating in Platter’s 2019 South African Wine Guide…

Oldenburg Vineyards Merlot 2015

Oldenburg Vineyards Merlot 2015 has been awarded a coveted 5-Star rating from the Platter’s South African Wine Guide. A Platter’s 5-star rating is one of the most acclaimed achievements, reserved for wines scoring 95 points or higher.

Adrian & Vanessa Vanderspuy, Oldenburg Vineyard’s Owners

Proprietor Adrian Vanderspuy is immensely pleased by this accolade, saying “this 5-Star Platter rating demonstrates clearly that we are on the right path with our intense focus to garner even greater quality from this rare terroir. A number of new interventions will continue this quest and take us closer to the vision to unlock the immense potential of this rare 50ha site in the Banghoek valley with Rondekop as its centre piece, producing exceptional world-class wines in the process.”

Earlier this month, the same vintage of Oldenburg Vineyards Merlot received further international recognition by taking the Merlot Trophy at the IWSC competition, and two days before, the 2014 vintage was awarded the Merlot Trophy at the Michelangelo International Wine and Spirits Awards.

Platter’s 2019 South African Wine Guide

Oldenburg Vineyards Merlot 2015 is a true expression of the cultivar and where it is grown – a wine with a tangible sense of place, created in the belief that great wines can only come from the best quality grapes. Minimal intervention in the vineyards allows the wine to reflect the full potential of the unique terroir of the Oldenburg site. This rare site is the result of the confluence of 8 Natural Elements that have a remarkable influence on our ability to produce exceptional grapes: the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, the mountain ranges, our own mountain amphitheatre, our elevation, the winds, the soils and the magical 8th element – Rondekop itself.

Nic Van Aarde – Oldenburg Wine Maker

Continued investment and commitment to quality production will see a brand new, state-of-the-art cellar commissioned for the 2019 harvest, by Nic Van Aarde who joined the team in mid-October. The Vineyard team has also spent the winter learning new pruning techniques under the guidance of International consultants Simonit & Sirch (part of a three-year program), with the aim of creating even ripening, consistent quality and improving the longevity of the vines. The focus on viticulture innovation will ensure the ongoing production of the highest quality grapes, allowing Oldenburg Vineyards to produce Exceptional Wines from Extraordinary Terroir.

Oldenburg Vineyards Merlot 2015 is available directly from the property in the Banghoek Valley, and also at selected outlets in South Africa and in various export markets around the world.

Oldenburg New Cellar – almost complete

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