Morgenster White Truffle Enhanced Extra Virgin Oil – 29.09.2015

WhiteTrufflesThe White Truffle of Alba

To find the elusive white truffle of Alba, you need only one thing. That is a truffle dog. Oh, and a basket and a little spade. And a torch because you are going to be doing this at night. You don’t want some other fellow to find your hunting grounds.

Truffle_DogOld sketch of an Italian Truffle Dog

The white truffle of Alba, which looks like a cross between a potato and a mushroom, grows on the roots of oaks, poplars, willow and hazelnuts. Earthy woody, it is a blissful thing to behold and smell.  It adds great flavour to dishes.

Olive Oil Press copyExtra Virgin Olive oil flowing from the Morgenster Pieralisi Press

At Morgenster, owner Giulio Bertrand, a Piedmontese, is enamoured of the white truffle and imports an extract of the white truffle. The Morgenster Extra Virgin Olive Oil, made from a variety of varieities are produced by continuous extraction in the cutting edge Pieralisi Olive Press, with the extract added just before bottling. Which please use sparingly.

Morgenster Truffle OilMorgenster White Truffle Enhanced Extra Virgin Olive Oil

It looks like
Packed in the classic square Morgenster bottle with a glass embossed crest and elegant label. It is a rich golden green colour.

It smells like
Gerrie Duvenhage, the Olive Oil hero of Morgenster talks of the Morgenster’s White Truffle Enhanced Extra Virgin Oil in which he describes the nose as being intense earthy with overtones of mushroom. At first the aroma is often associated with garlic.

It tastes like
Gerrie says that says the taste is difficult to describe but unmistakable and delicious. The intense earthy and, mushroom aromas follow through to the palate.

It’s good with
This oil enhances a mushroom soup if a little swirl is added just before serving. Creamed mushrooms, whether for use in an omelette or on a steak also benefit from the little exotic lift the oil gives to the sauce. There is a Canadian dish called Poutine, which essentially is twice fried potato chips which are layered with a chicken gravy and cheese curds. A touch of the truffle oil give a touch of class to the dish.

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