Morgenster Extra Virgin Olive Oil..

Morgenster Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The authoritative international Flos Olei guide, which assesses the world’s best olive oils, awarded Morgenster, in its 2017 edition, 98 points out of a possible 100.  This is the fourth year running that the Estate has received 98%. Only 14 producers around the world were awarded this score, Morgenster being the only South African producer amongst them. As only four producers have ever reached this ongoing level of exceptional quality, Morgenster’s achievement is a real feather in the cap of South Africa’s relatively young olive oil industry.

Giulio Bertrand & the 2014 Flos Olei Award

Owner Giulio Bertrand says: “We never stop investing in the quality of our orchards and olive oil production, employ the best consultants and send our staff to work with experts in Italy. So achieving this top score is a great reward for all our hard work.”

Gerrie Duvenhage, Olive Man at Morgenster

What more can one say.  From its earliest days, Giulio Bertrand has worked with his Olive Team to produce the finest possible olive oil.  Well known as a nursery for other olive producers, this historic estate produces a number of other olive products as well.  All of them world class stuff.

Morgenster Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced with cutting edge technology and plant material.  A blend of several Italian olive varieties known for the excellent oil they produce; each contributing specific characteristic to the final product.  The Estate uses a state of the art Pieralisi continuous press.

Morgenster’s Pieralisi Press

The term Extra Virgin relates to the level of fatty acid in the oil, must be under 0.8% to qualify and is ultimately determined by the temperature at which the oil is extracted. The state of the art machinery guarantees that every drop of Morgenster Olive oil produced has an acidity of under 0.3%. The oil is allowed to settle in stainless steel tanks before being pumped off the sediment. It is then blended to provide the ultimate flavour profile and kept in pristine conditions until it is bottled to order in the now distinctive Morgenster embossed bottle. The bottle is sealed with a tamper proof pourer that guarantees that the bottle of oil you open was filled in the factory at Morgenster Olive and Wine Estate.

Olive Oil Cake with Rosemary & Semolina

There are just so many culinary, and indeed other uses for a good olive oil, from marinades, salads, soups, cakes, pastas and and and…

It looks like
Packed in the traditional Morgenster bottle with the crest embossed in glass just below the neck. Lovely green gold amber in colour.

Morgenster Olive Trees in full flower

It smells like
First aromas are those of green grass just cut.  There is some fynbos herbiage there too. Green tomatoes, Granny Smith apples and marzipan.

It tastes like
Oleagenous, green. Mouth filling flavours and then the pleasant little bitter ‘catch’ and pepper at the back of the throat.

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